And What About Your Free Kindle Book?

Using Statistics to Plan New Editorial

In the U.S., it is estimated, of the books printed that do get sold to individuals, 95 percent are never read.

You’ve given away a thousand copies of your Kindle book for free.

So what?

How many were actually read?

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What Are Kindle Sample Conversion Rates?


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3 responses to “And What About Your Free Kindle Book?

  1. I’m trying, Mike…I have a metric shit ton of books on my kindle. Some I paid for, some were free. I am reading them…but unfortunately for every one I finish I probably get 50 more.

    I also have a metric shit ton of paper (27 book cases worth, not counting the bookcases in the kid’s room and the bookcases at Cheron’s (6 people all readers Cheron and I are the only ones that read ebooks…) I haven’t read all of those either.

    To think that I will is a pipe dream, even if I ever get the chance to retire.

    I’m not sure that means anything. I have obtained these books based on desire and intention. It the book doesn’t get read it’s not the book’s fault. It is I, the reader, not living up to my potential.

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  3. In my case I can safely say that more were read than would have been otherwise!

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