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Forbrydelsen III: Episode 7 With English Subtitles

Due to Superstorm Sandy, I was unable to watch this episode when DR-1 streamed it because I had no electricity.

Then I waited for IceHunter to release his subs. This still hasn’t happened, but samtasam stepped in with subs for us all (get them here).

However, there’s a sync problem. DM in Comments provided this:

This is quick and dirty sync for USG’s version. Copy the text to a text editor (notepad will do) and save as .srt (Unicode).


The video file is Forbrydelsen.S03E08.DANiSH.PDTV.XviD-USG.avi. (It’s usually best to give the SRT file that name too, with the srt extension at the end instead of avi.)

Subs are mostly all-at-once, like this screensnap:

But are worth it! Thanks to samtasam for stepping in.

More non-spoiler snaps after the break.

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I Want To See Jubilee Fines Imposed From Now On

Consider this:

Who do those fines actually help?

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