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Forbrydelsen III Episode 8 English Subtitles Update Post

Update, Tuesday November 20, 2012: Subtitles for episode 8 are out! Here is the link to Addic7ed. Subs again “by Samtasam, improvements by friends.” Thanks to all the Commenters who alerted me.

They are not out yet.

I will make this post a Sticky and update it when they are available.

Note that I am being told episode 8 might have the subs hardcoded onto the screen, with no SRT file for them. So if you’re finding 8 and downloading it now, you might have to do it a second time later. I will not be providing a link for that video file, just its filename.

Here is the post about episode 7 subtitles, which used to be a Sticky and has a long string of Comments.

By the way, did any of you know that “forbrydelsen” is pronounced “for-BROOZIN” in Danish? I wonder how “gannigsman” (suspect, perp) is spelled in Danish…



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More Bullshit Relief For Banks, Not Mortgage Victims

Big banks give $22 billion under mortgage relief deal

More bullshit, phony “relief” that aids the banks and not their victims!

Without getting into math, let me use this analogy: A guy has his hand wrapped around your throat and is squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. What this “relief” consists of is the guy slightly letting up on squeezing your throat.

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