Forbrydelsen III Episode 8 English Subtitles Update Post

Update, Tuesday November 20, 2012: Subtitles for episode 8 are out! Here is the link to Addic7ed. Subs again “by Samtasam, improvements by friends.” Thanks to all the Commenters who alerted me.

They are not out yet.

I will make this post a Sticky and update it when they are available.

Note that I am being told episode 8 might have the subs hardcoded onto the screen, with no SRT file for them. So if you’re finding 8 and downloading it now, you might have to do it a second time later. I will not be providing a link for that video file, just its filename.

Here is the post about episode 7 subtitles, which used to be a Sticky and has a long string of Comments.

By the way, did any of you know that “forbrydelsen” is pronounced “for-BROOZIN” in Danish? I wonder how “gannigsman” (suspect, perp) is spelled in Danish…



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24 responses to “Forbrydelsen III Episode 8 English Subtitles Update Post

  1. rasta

    Thanks for your blog, mike, really appreciate having a fixed spot where to look for .srt updates!

  2. Baldur Bjarnason (@fakebaldur)

    gerningsmand. It literally means “man who has done something”.

  3. It’s pronounced as For-broo-dilsen with the stress on broo.

    • mikecane

      Hmmmm… video I saw today from a Danish speaker didn’t pronounce it that way. Still, either way is not the way I thought.

  4. rich s in california

    here is a link to the pronunciation by a male Danish speaker.

    when you play the audio file, it does sound like for-BROO-dilsen

  5. initio

    Very pleased to find your interesting blog, as also hooked on Forbrydelsen. Holding off watching ep 7 until I have the buffer of ep 8 waiting!

  6. John Galt

    Thanks Mike for all the info on Forbrydelsen subs, etc. I have videos of episodes 8 and 9 but no subs for either, yet. TwankyVideos has been putting them on YouTube. Episode 10 (last of season III I’m pretty sure) is due to air this Sunday in Denmark. I hope it won’t be long before subs for all three remaining episodes are made available. I’d hate to have to wait for the BBC to air them. (Re: pronounciation of Forbrydelsen – perhaps the speaker you saw had a ‘southern accent’ or its Danish equivalent? In my native Bawlmer – otherwise known as Baltimore – Highlandtown is pronounced Hollandtown. And, Md is not even IN the South – just ask anyone from Va or further south.)

    • Sandy

      I live in Maryland altho I am from Arkansas. You are right. MD did not secede therefore it is not Southern. But it was a hot bed of southern symphanyies.

  7. John Galt

    Forgot to say – thanks to all the subtitlers out there!!!

  8. John Galt

    A question: isn’t series III’s political connection seeming a bit too much like the one in series I?

  9. any news on the subtitles for episode 8

  10. B.

    The subtitles are available on addic7ed…

  11. jmz

    and episode 9 is available as a MP4 on the PBay

  12. documentaryman

    The subs for 8 are excellent/

  13. Sandy

    Do you have elect. yet? Thank ‘sam…’ for the subs for s08. Not going to worry about anymore.

  14. Stefan

    Does anyone has a downloadlink(no rapidshare or torrent’s, I’m at a school network) for episode 8? I don’t want to wait untill I’m back home

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