Forbrydelsen III Episode 9 English Subtitles Update Post

Sunday December 9, 2012 update: These are the filenames for BBC Four episodes 7 and 8:


Search engines are your friend.

Saturday December 8, 2012 update: According to Comments, episode 10 subtitles in English are now available at Addic7ed.

I haven’t tried them, but I did peek at them as text files. Some minor differences, mainly with line lengths.

I will be un-Sticking this post by Tuesday. BBC Four airs the final two episodes on the 15th. This post will be updated before then, when the filenames for episodes 7 and 8 (which aired today) are available. I’ll do a new separate post with the filenames for episodes 9 and 10.

Friday December 7, 2012 update: And there are good English subtitles for episode 9 now! I haven’t had a chance to watch them, or even test with my JETSET version video file, but an examination of the SRT as a text file shows they are far improved and on the level we’ve been wanting.

Go to this page at Addic7ed and scroll to the bottom. Click the Most Updated button for this version:

Version 720p.HDTV.x264, 887.00 MBs

Thursday December 6, 2012 update: We are approaching something vaguely resembling English subtitles. The Comments contain a link to two SRT files. But the translation is very confusing:


Does that make any sense to anyone? Anyway, in addition to that, there’s a problem with both SRT files. Where “->” appears, there should be “- ->”. That is, open in a text editor and Find/Replace every instance of hyphen-greater-than-sign with hyphen-hyphen-greater-than-sign to make the subtitles properly appear.

When we have subs that make some sense, I will update this post again.

Sunday December 2, 2012 update: There are still no English subtitles for episodes 9 and 10 from Denmark. But for everyone who has been trying to keep up with the BBC Four airing, here are the latest filenames:


There might be others, but those are the ones I have. BBC Four English subtitles hardcoded onto the screen. I cannot provide links, so use a search engine.

Sunday evening update: There are still no English subtitles. But for everyone who has been trying to get episode 9’s video file (there’s one that’s a hinky MP4 and another that’s 720p and huge), plop this new title into a search engine:


That’s less than 200MBs and should work with an SRT file when it’s available.

Also, I have a non-spoiler post about the finale.

Second evening update: Holy shit, that was fast! Episode 10 without subs is now up. It has two choices:

Forbrydelsen III E10 DANiSH PDTV x264-SKANK
Forbrydelsen III E10 DANiSH 720p HDTV x264-DTV

Sunday, November 25, 2012 Update:

Here we are, with the finale of Forbrydelsen III about to air in Denmark and we are still without English subtitles for episode 9!

Meanwhile, DR-1 will be streaming episode 10 at this link. I expect that stream to be strained as millions around the world flock to see it. I might delay seeing it for the first hour it’s up.

And here is the text of the finale’s description, in Danish:

Lund bliver holdt tilbage af Gerningsmanden, mens han forsøger at få sit offer i tale, og han skyer ingen midler. Gerningsmanden får et ansigt – og vil han nu lede politiet og familien Zeuthen frem til Emilie? Politiet kommer under et stramt tidspres. Og så sker der en glædelig begivenhed i Lunds familie. Statsministeren forsøger at rydde op i sin kreds af folk for at finde frem til, hvad der skete med hans søn. Kamper opsøger Sally, der kendte hans søn, og hun kan berette om flere foruroligende hændelser i Benjamins sidste dage. Justitsministeren kan berette, at regeringen har klaret frisag i alle anklager ang. den gamle sag. Karen bliver forvist fra staben, fordi der er tvivl om hendes loyalitet. Robert og Maja er påvirket af mistanken mod en højt betroet medarbejder, der har flere mulige indicer imod sig, men Zeelands bestyrelse presser på for at bevise mandens uskyld. De får et glimt af Gerningsmanden – ham der holder deres datters skæbne i sine hænder, og Robert overvejer et drastisk skridt.

If you don’t mind some spoilers — and there are some!click this link for Google Translate.

Second update: Episode 10 is airing…

Third update: Tweets from Denmark reporting DR’s website has crashed under the load. I can confirm this.

Fourth update: Forbrydelsen III Episode 10 Tweets. No spoilers there. Now I will attempt to see the stream.

Original post:

They are not out yet.

I will make this post a Sticky and update it when they are available.

Here is the post about episode 7 subtitles, which used to be a Sticky and has a long string of Comments.

Here is the post about episode 8 subtitles.

And I think I know Who Did It. I’ll see if I’m right on Sunday. If I’m right, they did an excellent job of misdirection but not so much that someone couldn’t figure it out by paying close attention. That would make this the best Forbrydelsen of them all.

Update: Do not read the Comments here unless you want to speculate about who the killer is!



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212 responses to “Forbrydelsen III Episode 9 English Subtitles Update Post

  1. Uponair

    I’m thinking Kristoffer Kamper. Way too nice, way too involved.

  2. Susanna

    That’s my thought, too

  3. rich s in california

    we know for sure that the kidnapper was able to defeat the security systems of both Zeeland and the Zeuthen home (we saw that in episode 1). that’s not something Kristoffer could possibly have done. so, for sure, he’s not the kidnapper. that’s why the focus turned to Niels Reinhardt. he had all the access required. though his motives are completely unknown.

    Kristoffer may have been involved the coverup of the murder of Louise Hjelby. that seems more likely and reasonable.

    • mikecane

      People should NOT read these Comments unless they Really Want To Know.

      Benjamin, the PM’s son, is clearly not dead. He knows something about the murder. WHY Louise was killed is still the mystery to me. Her killer has been in plain sight all this time, like a Moriarty, and totally unsuspected by EVERYONE. That should give you enough to chew on. Hint: Borch being thrown off the case. OK, from this point on, if someone guesses the same killer as I do, I will have to redact the name.

      EDIT: OTOH, if you don’t guess the same person, I won’t redact the name. Ha!

  4. you got all that without subtitles??
    I’ve watched episode 9 several times with a phrase book and google translate and am still mystified……!

  5. B.

    Mike, in talking about Who Did It, are you referring to Louise’s killer? I haven’t seen episode 9. But, I don’t think Reinhardt was involved in Louise Helby’s murder. I think Karen was involved with someone at Zeeland, perhaps the CEO who resigned, who perhaps was paedophilic. Perhaps Karen helped cover it up to protect Kamper and his party in the elections. If neither Reinhardt nor the CEO was Louise’s killer, I don’t know who it could be. The Justice Minister, perhaps?

    I also think that Benjamin IS dead. Otherwise, the plot loses credibility.

    This may sound stupid: but, who was the Swedish fisherman in episode 8 if not the kidnapper? Could he be Louise’s father? Or is it going to be revealed that he was being used by the kidnapper/killer?

    I can’t help suspect Maya’s new boyfriend, Carsten, of some involvement. Perhaps he’s the father of Louise? He had easy enough access to Zeeland, and, as far as I can tell, was conveniently absent during all the kidnappings…

    • mikecane

      Yes, the kidnapper of Emelie is the father of Louise and he was the one in Zeuthen’s office posing as the sailor (well, we already know he was at sea, but we didn’t know he was Swedish too! — or could at least speak it). He used details of Emelie’s dress so he could access the Zeeland computer to find out who had the car with the ZE (Zeeland) license plate.

      You have to ask yourself how Louise’s father, the kidnapper, would have gotten the help he had to do the things he did. It then all points to just one person. People might be disappointed if I’m right, but if you really stop to think about it, it all makes sense. The thing still is, though, WHY was Louise killed? I don’t know. I hope episode 10 WITHOUT subtitles is sensible to me on that point!


      Episode 9 clearly shows the PM setting up a way to communicate with his not-dead son.

      • B.

        Oh, interesting, and very confusing…

        With Reinhardt, I see two possibilities. He’s involved in Louise’s murder, which for me seems unlikely. Or, he’s the one who’s helping the kidnapper, which is quite obvious, for he has unfettered access to Zeeland. Perhaps now the kidnapper feels that Reinhardt hasn’t been fully honest with him, and hence has come to his house.

        I still can’t believe Benjamin is alive. If he is, that puts the entire testimony of the PM in question, and his character as well.

        I also have wondered whether the GPS data was falsified, and if indeed it was in the PM’s car that the killing of Louise occurred. If so, the thread begins to get coherent in my head.

        As to why Louise was killed: my guess is, (a) prostitution ring or paedophilia, or (b) for political mileage against Ussing. We’ll see.

      • mikecane

        Reinholdt/Reinhardt (depends on the subs!) is misdirection, in my opinion. You’ll see.

        With that GPS speculation, you have come *very* close to the killer, in my opinion.

        If I’m right about who the killer is — and the more I think about it, it’s the only killer who makes sense given everything so far — then Benjamin went into hiding for a reason having to do with Louise’s murder. The trick in episode 10 will be for them to make it all plausible. I thought the end of series one did not fit the first episode:

        And I was very disappointed with series 2:

        So far series 3 is the best.

      • Uponair

        I’ve downloaded the MP4. Quality 8*. Had to torrent it though. Now it’s available streamed in over 5 servers.

        If we follow your reasoning, it can’t be anyone at ZE, because he’d have access to the car park without having to go through the office.
        OK. it should be someone emotionally involved, or it would be loose. Hard to be a woman, as there’s a sex offense with a minor… Mustn’t be Borch – it can’t have the same ending as a previous plot, and Borch seems to be sincerely wanting to find the guy, though there are still some secrets of his past involvement. Borch’s boss could be a head-turner, but little points in his direction. We’re running out of characters here, or the killer is dead already…
        Going for out-side the box here: Karen had PM’s son, or Jens Lebech doing it because she’s having an affair with Ussing, using Zeeland’s car to force the party doubt the PM? Too messy. But Karen plays a good bad-guy.

        thought that the resolution to the scene of when he goes to the ZE’s office to check out the computer was lame. Great idea to have the character there – great intro; but it’s far too stretched.

      • mikecane

        Hahaha. I laugh because you just discounted someone who I think *is* the killer. I just don’t know the WHY.

        Well, some of it has been stretched worse than Louise’s father going to Zeeland. I thought the hanging was absolutely unbelievable, but I let it go.

      • B.

        I agree. Reinhardt is a misdirection. But, I think I need to see Episode 9 in order to have many puzzling questions answered.

        It is a very good series: but, I wonder how early on we could have worked out the killer had we paid enough attention.

        With FB1, I guessed the killer by the second episode. With FB2, by the fifth/sixth. In FB3, I suspected ‘Stoffer of being involved in Helby’s murder, and of Carsten being involved in Emilie’s kidnapping. But, there has been so much of new evidence introduced of late that I can’t be sure of things. Hmmm.

      • mikecane

        You did better than me. I couldn’t guess who the killer was in 1 and I think in 2 I didn’t want to believe who it was.

        Well, if my speculation about who the killer is turns out to be right, then yes, everyone could have figured it out because I’m pretty lame with things like this. So I do expect to be wrong too.

      • B.

        [redacted] Okay. Let’s say that’s plausible. After all, he could have falsified the GPS data, fed the data from early on to Helby’s father, and helped hack into the security system. But then, who killed Louise? It can’t be the PM if we trust the testimony of Benjamin: as he says his father will never forgive him. Perhaps he raped Louise, and Karen authorised her killing: in which case she could have pressured the case to be dropped, using Zeeland as an excuse. Aargh!

      • mikecane

        No, he didn’t help the killer. He *is* the killer. And yes, he helped Louise’s father do all that he did. That’s how I see it. It’s the only thing that makes sense given everything else in the nine episodes. Think about everything and it fits. Excellent misdirection if it’s true. What I don’t know is the WHY.

      • Uponair

        So you’re saying my first guess is your call?

      • mikecane

        Do you mean no one at Zeeland? Yes, I think no one at Zeeland is involved. In fact, I think they’ve been set up as patsies.

      • B.

        Hang on. By killer, you mean Louise’s killer, or the one who killed the sailors, the prosecutor et al.? I presume you mean the latter, in which case, we have to ask who killed Louise, and why. We also have to explain the assumption that the killer (of the sailors & others) shares the DNA of Louise Helby, which your killer wouldn’t, unless you think he is also the biological father of Louise.

        Here’s what I think:

        1. Both the murderers, i.e. of Louise & of the sailors, the attorney general & the medical examiner, were probably introduced in the first few episodes. It is not very wise to do them so late in the show. In FB1 & FB2, the killers were introduced in the very first episode (obviously!).

        2. That said, it seems likely that the Swedish/Danish sailor is Louise’s father, and that he’s acting with an insider’s help. Or, the sailor too is a decoy, exploited by the killer, who is, indeed, an insider. You can easily recruit someone for 100 million kroner. For now, my suspicions still rest on Maya Zeuthen’s new boyfriend, who is a medical doctor & possibly an expert killer. Also explains why Emilie is so comfortable with him. Perhaps the sailor is the engineering/computing mind, and Carsten the killer.

        3. It is not Reinhardt, or Borch, for sure. For what it’s worth, I don’t think your guess works either. But I cannot explain why without giving the details away. Though I’m pretty sure he covered up Louise’s murder under Karen’s directions.

        4. My main question is who killed Louise and why. I suspect it’s someone from Zeeland, and covered up by Karen, witnessed by Benjamin. Perhaps ‘Stoffer is involved too.

        Speculations all… This is the series though where the killer has been most difficult to figure out. Because, to solve one set of murders entails solving another. We shall see. It’s been fun chatting with you though!

      • mikecane

        The two killers are:

        1) The killer of Louise, to be revealed in episode 10 with the reason WHY she was killed

        2) Louise’s father, who has been getting his revenge on those he was led to believe killed or helped to kill Louise (or helped to cover up her murder)

        Apparently you haven’t seen episode 9 yet, which shoots down some of your other comments.

        I’d be surprised if Karen had anything to do with it. Remember she was looking for the car’s records? Stoffer was the one hiding those records and knew the truth.

      • B.

        Oh, I think I misunderstood you. If you think [redacted] killed Louise, then, yes, I think that’s very plausible. Explains the cover-up, and the GPS falsification, and the firing of Borch. But then again, I’m not convinced, as the whole car-number based investigation becomes something of a big red-herring. Also does not explain why Benjamin, if he’s alive, had to go into hiding, or why he couldn’t forgive himself. I think the truth is a bit more macabre.

        But, yes, I haven’t seen episode 9. And, if FB1/FB2 are any indication, the killer of Louise Hjelby has already been investigated as a suspect and dismissed. That leaves us only two possibilities.

        Can’t wait for the subtitles…

      • mikecane

        Yes, poor Louise’s father has been led on a trail of vengeance that was set up by her killer to deflect attention away from him. How else could he have gotten Lund’s phone number and home address? Do you see how it makes sense now? All I’m missing is the WHY of Louise being killed. The why is the most important bit to make it all plausible. Of course, I could be wrong and my own thinking could have been misdirected too! Ha! The why of Louise’s killing will also explain Benjamin being in hiding.

        >>>the killer of Louise Hjelby has already been investigated as a suspect and dismissed

        No, you see, my point is that, brilliantly for the writers, he has never been a suspect at all!

      • Uponair

        First comment on top, backed by Susanna.

      • mikecane

        I don’t think it was the PM’s brother. He didn’t have access to all of the information. Only one person did. Think back to episode one. Of course, I could be wrong. In my own mind, everything so far in the nine episodes points to just one person — and he has never been suspected at all. Think Moriarty.

      • Uponair

        The why Louise was murdered – if the culprit is (Kri)’Stoffer – then it was to cover up Benjamin’s rape of her (by his uncle).
        Don’t follow your call on ‘getting Lund’s number + address. Several people could have easy access to it.
        As for Carlsen, don’t buy it as being a key character apart from a nagging force against Zeeman. Again, I think Zeeman would have made a fine choice for the writers: his child is suffering for he has made another child suffer, and so on…

      • mikecane

        There is only one character who has had access to everything: Louise’s killer. He’s been there from the start. This is what I believe and it makes sense to me. As to whether I will be right or not, let’s see what the writers ultimately do.

      • Uponair

        No, it’s not Brix. I can’t be!

      • mikecane

        No, not Brix.

  6. Uponair

    Niels Reinhardt’s boss? (maybe due to my very little understanding of Danish, I think Niels was made to look innocent on ep9) That’d be a stunner, but morally correct. Thinking too the US version will go with that, if this one doesn’t.
    Still no subs for 9?
    Thanks Mike!

    • mikecane

      That’s not who I’m thinking of.

      No subs for 9 yet and no USG video file yet. There is apparently an MP4 out there, but not from USG or past sharers, so I’d avoid it.

      • The MP4 on TPB is fine, I’ve watched it a couple of times in addition to the streaming version. The MP4 version has been uploaded by some bloke who has also uploaded other episodes of this series, …plus the MP4 version allows you to pause or rewind …then consult the phrase book :-)

      • mikecane

        The trouble for me is that MP4 files are a problem on my primary machine, so I’m hoping for the usual AVI file from USG.

  7. rich s in california

    At 26:10 into episode 7, you get a two-second view of the right rear of the kidnapper’s head (as he’s in a car outside Lund’s home). You can see his haircut clearly, and his right hand reasonably clearly. That completely rules out most of the potential suspects you folks are discussing. I’ve been re-watching all the episodes to find a matching hair cut. Not yet sure who did it.

    PS: Benjamin is not alive, though he may well have killed Louise.

  8. rich s in california

    In episode 8, Brix definitively states that Benjamin committed suicide by stepping in front a train. In episode 9, Kamper gets keys from a girl who knew Benjamin, but that does not mean Benjamin is alive. Why do you think he is, despite what Brix said?

    • mikecane

      Oh, was it keys the PM got? I wasn’t sure. OK, then if Benjamin isn’t alive… then the keys must point to evidence of who killed Louise. And I think Benjamin killed himself because 1) he did not prevent the murder and 2) he didn’t turn in Louise’s murderer.

  9. Ravi

    To figure our louise’s killer..(her death i believe a crime of lust or passion..picking up a girl on the road and getting carried away) ..would have to be somewhere in the political circles..and though all of them were there..the only major possibility is stoffer .

    Maybe he actually committed the crime..and tried to put the blame on the PM’s son..who actually might have witnessed the whole thing..but agreed to cover up his uncle (stoffer could have convinced Benjamin to not say anything..due to elections and that it was a mistake he made)..and that is something Benjamin could not live with. ..or maybe he did not commit suicide..maybe the car was tampered with and he got killed ..

    Karen could have hidden things assuming she is protecting Benjamin and hence ultimately the PM. Stoffer is the only one who has access to all GPS, HDD and the car in which Louise was picked up.

    It has to be someone from the political circles to bring all the stories together..else it just does not make sense. The political track of the storyline becomes a non story if the two dont end up getting connected..and given that there are just 5 characters that could have done it..

    Justice Minister..

    My deduction is on the basis of the elimination process. !

  10. Pooh

    So do you think it’s [redacted]? He seems to have all the means.

  11. Pooh

    And by [redacted], he was sitting with the PM when he was being questioned and he provided the info about the GPS.

  12. Danielle

    Are you thinking about [redacted]? Being Louise’s killer? Why would he be helping her dad then? I don’t get the whole idea of Louise’s killer helping her dad. BUT he could have changed the GPS because the car was indeed at the location at the time and Benjamin witnessed the kidnapping? Or maybe Benjamin and him were in the car, Benjamin being too drunk to do anything but witnessed/helped? I haven’t seen episode 9 as yet just 7 and 8 last night. I think Louise was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was killed by a predator who raped and tortured her, then killed her. I am not sure it was political in anyways but the killer had to be a sick bastard. I guessed who the killers were in the first 2 series but this one is harder. Too bad it is to be the last one

    • mikecane

      Yes, him. Thinking about everything that has played out since episode one, I can’t see how it can be anyone other than him as Louise’s killer. The WHY is missing and that’s been driving me nuts.

  13. Uponair

    OK. I’m about to watch ep01 again. Will come back to you.
    No subs yet? Man! This is tough, this id tough.

    • mikecane

      I’ve just watched episode one for like the fourth time, this time with BBC Four subs. Then I went on to watch episode two from BBC Four. I have not changed my mind about who I believe Louise’s killer to be. Of course, I could still be totally wrong, this being Forbrydelsen, where one line of dialogue can spin the plot off its viewer-expected trajectory!

      • Uponair

        hmm… Are you hinting towards Asbjørn?
        Just finished re-watching ep01 and no new suspects arise from it, to me.
        Asbjørn is, together with Brix, the only ones that fits the description of your posts so far (to me).
        I think ‘Stoffer is a better candidate. If Asbjørn, we fall again on the insider-perpetrator.

      • mikecane

        Oh god no, not Juncker. The person I suspect of being Louise’s killer does not show up in the first two episodes (all I have now, from BBC Four, having deleted all the others after watching them), but you could say he is present from the first episode. At least this is how I see things. And I could be wrong. But no matter how many times I consider everything, it all points to him. WHY he killed Louise is driving me into a frenzy, haha.

  14. Uponair

    I see I’m driving you mad. Apologies.
    You can catch up with them all here,

    • mikecane


      The series is driving me mad. Just watched 9 again. So apparently Benjamin *is* dead but he had a backup of data about Zeeland (listen to the dialogue)! How bloody maddening! And poor Reinhardt (and it is that, not Reinholdt, I see from the credits now) has been accused, exonerated, then accused again — as a frame-up, or at least I think so.

      What the hell is the data about Zeeland? Was someone running a child pr0n ring? What were those files in the basement of all the Zeeland staff? I’m beginning to waver in who I thought the killer was. Now I think there might have been a child pr0n/snuff film ring operating and Louise was killed during the making of a child pr0n snuff movie. But if that’s the case, who the hell is her killer?! If it’s still the person I’ve been thinking, then this is much more complicated than I’ve been thinking. And now I wonder about the brothel they went to in episode 2… geez.

      I really want episode 9 subs ASAP!

      EDITED TO ADD: Oh my god! The child pr0n/snuff film thing makes sense! The pr0n movie the sailor was forced to watch in episode one. Neither Lund nor Borch bothered to watch it! I bet Louise is in that! But who made that film? I’m am soooo confused now.

      • B.

        That’s what I’ve been thinking. Which is why I said above about paedophilia ring. Also explains the trailing of the porn ring in episode 2, and why Emilie was locked up in one of the locations.

        And, as I said, Benjamin would not be alive. That would be a massive cliche in the plot.

        I think someone at Zeeland is involved in the child porn/paedophilia ring. I’m suspecting the CEO who was forced out in Episode 1. Either ‘Stoffer or Karen was involved in the cover-up, and Benjamin accidentally bore witness to it. ‘Stoffer/Karen blackmailed Benjamin, saying if he spoke the truth, it would spell the death of the PM’s career. I also suspect Ussing of some involvement, if the previous FB series are anything to go by. My guess is that Louise dies as a result of the abuse and the trauma, and the suicide was basically a cover-up that went wrong, and was again suppressed through intervention.

        I’m anxious for Ep. 9 subtitles.

      • mikecane

        I’m beginning to think your explanation of who killed Louise is more plausible than what I’ve been thinking up to today.

        I also watched episode 9 again and no longer think Benjamin is alive. But he left behind data about Zeeland.

      • Pooh

        If your porn ring theory is right bear in mind that her father thought the sailors might’ve killed her or weren’t telling the truth and maybe he made them watch it as punishment.
        Somebody here said that Louise’s killer was helping her dad, I don’t think it’s true.
        I’m kind of hoping Zeeland isn’t involved in anything but maybe the people working at the funds/ orphanage had something to do with it and Benjamin discovered it and tried to protect the girl.

      • mikecane

        >>>Somebody here said that Louise’s killer was helping her dad, I don’t think it’s true.

        That was me. Now I’m not so sure, if child pr0n was involved. And if it was and Lund, Borch, or Jucnker never even looked at the video in episode one, wow, that’d be a hell of a fuck up!

      • B.

        Hmmm. I’m not so sure that Louise will be in that video that the sailors were watching. Her father wouldn’t want hers to be the image that is on the sailors’ minds when they die for having forced her into it. That would make it sick. However, I think that the porn & prostitution in the first two episodes must have some significance: which is why I suspect that Louise was involved in some kind of prostitution/porn ring, which in turn happened because the orphanage was closed due to the financial crisis — a motif that dominates the present series. I think Louise was picked up with promise of money, but, when she understood what it entailed, she refused, was abused & killed. That’s where my intuition leads me.

        I think this just about ties every loose end: financial crisis, politics, the two sets of murders and so on.

        Noone has mentioned this: so I’ll be the girl here. I’m equally curious to see how “Lund will go out on a high,” as Sveistrup, the creator claimed. Will Lund and Borch get together? That would be satisfying on one hand — we’re happy for her, though not for Borch’s wife/children — but severely unsatisfactory on the other: out of character, clichéd, and resolved too fast. I also wonder if there’ll be any resolution w.r.t. Mark & Eva. Oh god, how are they going to fit it all in two episodes?

      • mikecane

        I fixed your Comments. You meant Louise but had Emelie throughout instead.

        They have a lot to cram into that final episode:

        1) Who killed Louise
        2) Why Louise was killed
        3) Find Emelie (alive?)
        4) Return Emelie to parents
        5) Mark + Eva + child
        6) Borch + his wife
        7) Lund — OPA or not?

  15. Uponair

    The sound of the video is adult. Also, the girl lives in Juntland… If there was a pedophilia case happening in Juntland, more kids would be involved. Hard to see a big pedo-porn scene there. Only if before – between her mother dying and the foster home. Then, why take it to Jutland? It’s got to be a isolated crime.
    Why the CEO? He’d make a sleazy pedo, but not involved enough.
    Zeeman has two rushes of anger, one in the car and one where he breaks the house furniture. Much stronger ending if he’s the guy.

  16. Pooh

    In the first episode they didn’t even know about Louise murder so it (the porn movie) was totally irrelevant for them.
    I still stand by my first choice tho start thinking that he was let in to cover it all up.
    If Benjamin had some data from Zeeland that may mean that somebody from there was involved.Thought for a while that it might’ve been Reinhardt who killed Louise but then thought it was just to obvious.
    Karen might be slightly involved as she’s in love with PM and would do anything for him.

    • mikecane

      >>>In the first episode they didn’t even know about Louise murder so it (the porn movie) was totally irrelevant for them.

      Yes, you’re right there. They’d have no reason to think it was connected to anything. Hmmm… wonder now if it would be peeked at before being logged in as evidence and then some clerk makes the connection?

      I’m going around in circles now. I thought I knew who Louise’s killer was. Now I’m not sure of anything other than the next episode being the last one (of this series).

  17. rich s in california

    I am not sure how much this reveals about Benjamin’s role, but around 51 minutes into episode 8, Kristoffer tells his brother this:

    “Apparently he saw something that he thought was important to tell us. It was some incoherent, typical left-wing conspiracy nonsense. That we are all just kissing big business arses.”

      • Monty

        The first episode showed mug shots of famous and infamous people who were kidnappers or victims of a kidnapping: From Aldo Mori kidnapped by the Red Brigade and later found in the trunk of his car to Bernard Hauptmann who sequestered and killed the Lindbergh baby. The fact that Benjamin was involved in “typical left wing” may be a clue that ties him to a kidnapping of the Emilie. Perhaps it was blotched and went wrong. Perhaps Benjamin had done it to get even with his dad the PM for “kissing big business arses.”

        I believe the writer is brilliant. He has the other boat named Medea about the woman who killed her children as the scene of murder. And the show is built around father/mother – son/daughter relationships. This to me is the more thrilling aspect of this final season. Sarah and her son Mark. Eva and her unborn child. Sarah and her mother. Louise and her father wanting to avenge his death. The PM and his son Benjamin. Maja and her daughter.

        How these will all be resolved in the last episode is going to be quite daunting.

      • mikecane

        Yes, I noticed all the relationships too this time. Let’s not forget Borch and Lund and Borch and his wife. And if you want to move to the edges, trusted right hand man Reinhardt and his boss Zeuthen.

        I’ve wondered about those posters on Medea too. Something doesn’t add up, when you throw in them.

        Well, just two days to go until we find out.

  18. @Monty …thank you, I was looking at the posters in slow-mo earlier trying to work out who they were.
    Additionally there seems to be some focusing in on objects such as the two glass jars that obviously contain some medication or drugs and also a great focus on the cigarettes in the first episode.

    Yet …the emphasis on relationships, …and the subtle reference to Medea who in Greek mythology killed the new lover of her ex-husband (Jason of Golden Fleece fame..) and her new lover’s father ….maybe I am going to have to consult the Argonautica to get a grasp on this current series!

    • mikecane

      One question they must resolve in episode 10: What happened to the kittens on the ship?!!?

      • Sandy

        Ep1 who stole the Zee(whatever) shipping computer with the security information on it…including the house security?

        the kitten on the ship…was that E’s kitten?

        I WILL NEVER start watching these shows without subtitles already in my hand!

      • mikecane

        We’re supposed to believe that Louise’s father stole the Zeeland computer.

        The kitten on the ship was a different color than the one in her school collage.

  19. I think those kittens may have lost their mittens and begun to cry…..

  20. vero

    I think it was Emilie’s father. I find it very very suspicious that he has shown no interest in solving the previous case, even though it has been made plenty obvious to him that it would be an easy way to get his daughter back. He is all about confronting the killer, but not about disclosing information. I think the promise to back the government was made under pressure, because some people in the government knew that he was involved. I don’t think that he is a *bad* guy, I think that when he did it he was probably drunk and out of his mind because his wife had left him.

    • mikecane


      That’s a stretch, but I did wonder about why he took the gun in episode 9. To use on someone or on himself?

      • vero

        I haven’t seen episode 9 yet. But I don’t think it is at all a stretch. I think is is less crazy than other theories. I think the brother of PM knows and that’s why they’ve tried, him and Karen, to get the PM to stay away from the case. I think the whole season is about fathers and daughters/(+one PM son) and how neglect and love do not preclude one another. I think it is the only possible resolution that could tie the whole plot together. I also think it is fairly obvious and has the same flavor as the other 2 seasons, which resolutions hindsight also seem obvious. Anywho, that’s what my gut’s been telling me since the third episode.

      • Pooh

        I agree with Mike on this one, and it would be a great shock if it was him. If it was anyone from Zeeland my money would be on Reinhardt. I think he took the gun as he was feeling really helpless and he actually spoke with Emilie’s kidnapper.
        The suspense is killing me this time. Must say the Scandinavians know how to write/make thrillers. What a great skill.
        Also i think getting Lund back together with Borch would be way too cheesy. And let’s face it she’s not a relationship person. Her character is pretty similar to the detective in The Bridge. Another great TV series.
        Not long till Sunday now.

      • mikecane

        I will be watching Sunday even if most of it doesn’t make sense without subs.

  21. rich s in california

    Danish media website, TV TID, has an article where they interview several prominent Danes on who they think is the killer, “They knew: Here’s the killer in ‘Forbrydelsen III’.”


    Here’s the link to the Google translation,

    • mikecane

      Oh my god. Did DR really leak the killer? And if that’s who it is, I’d really be shocked.

      • rich s in california

        i had read a few weeks ago about DR accidentally leaking the identity of the killer. i think that was then denied by DR, but i don’t speak Danish and the Google translations are not perfectly clear English..

        I agree, that would be a huge surprise, but it kinda makes sense.

      • mikecane

        It can be made to make sense, I suppose.

  22. Diane

    I think it’s the prime ministers brother and I think he pushed the the PMs son under a train because the kid knew. The son was troubled about something that would bother his father…
    Thanks for posting links to the subs. It’s really cut down on the amount of time that I obsessively hunt for them.

  23. rich s in california

    BBC broadcast of s3e3 (with hard-coded English subs) just got uploaded online.

    The Killing s03e03.hannibal.avi.torrent

  24. I hope it won’t be an ending that is ‘made to make sense’ and come out of the blue. I felt they did that with ‘Bron | Broen’ and it left me feeling a little cheated as there was no real intrigue, just seemingly something obvious and to make the coincidences fit to make it all neat and rounded off, … saying that, he does seem to have been preoccupied with something other, something else …………it’s possible, but then it could be Sarah Lund and that would be as daft.

  25. mikecane

    SPOILER!!! After redacting other Comments that mentioned who I think it is, I’m revealing who i think the killer of Louise is and why.

    I think it’s Borch’s boss in SIS/PIB/PET/Special Branch (choose your subtitle).

    SIS (as I will call it) was on the dock crime from the beginning. That Zeuthen’s security system went down doesn’t sound plausible as a reason for them to be involved. But Borch’s boss would have been watching for signs of Louise’s father popping up like that.

    Borch’s boss has had all the information on all of the investigation. He could have steered Louise’s father to kill the people he did to deflect attention from himself in SIS.

    Removing Borch from the case for insubordination is a poor reason to do so. He knew Borch was becoming obsessed and wouldn’t be steered. Borch gave Lund a file he took from SIS because he suspected something was fishy there. Also remember how Borch lost his temper twice when told his boss was waiting for him to call.

    SIS covered up Louise’s autopsy report.

    The guy who killed himself in the jail cell would not have feared anyone other than Borch’s boss.

    Everything to me has pointed to the one person who has never been considered a suspect even though everything in my mind points to him: Borch’s boos.

    All I’m missing is the WHY. Has he been a pedophile all along? Given the revelations of pedophilia of people in positions of power (church, universities), Borch’s boss being a pedophile is not unreasonable.

    Anyway, that is who I think it is.

    • rich s in california

      I follow your reasoning, but i would feel really cheated by that outcome. We don’t see much of, or about, his boss, Thus, it’s almost like saying the character that’s been offstage the whole time is the culprit. That’s just not fair to viewers, and not very smart in terms of drama.

      I really hope/expect that’s not the case.

      • mikecane

        I wouldn’t feel cheated at all. If the person who’s been leaked as the killer turns out to be the case, then I’ll feel cheated.

  26. Uponair

    Borch’s boss working for Zeeman, receiving directions from The Fox (Reinhard, also meaning “brave counsel”)

    • mikecane

      Oh, now there’s a twist! Borch’s boss working for Zeuthen. Reinhardt is already ruled out in 9 — or so it seems without subs!

  27. Monty

    Re: what happened to the kittens? I just looked up in a Danish dictionary the word for KITTEN. It is KILLING. Now is that coincidence or has the writer injected a bit of macabre humor into the script?

  28. Uponair

    Hey Mike, know of a stream where to watch 10 tonight?

  29. Who ever produces a set of English Subs, …actually, any subs, for episode 9, will be at the top of my xmas card list and so many people will love you to bits ……!

    Mike, do you know if there is a setting on the streaming for ‘hard of hearing’ subs in Danish?

  30. So when you talk about Episode 10 on the Episode 9 SUBTITLES blog, what you’re saying is ‘They are not out yet.’

  31. Uponair

    As expected, DR live stream is down. Can’t find any other server streaming it. Going for Twitter to keep up with developments.

  32. Uponair

    Wouldn’t it be great if we got subs for 9 just now? We could fill in the time while 10 is playing, then it’d be a lot easier to follow 10 without them.
    Those 9 ones are taking their time in the making…

  33. Uponair

    where are you getting 9 from? can you share the link?

  34. Uponair

    Thanks Mike, but there doesn’t seem to be any hardcoded subs there… It’s been uploaded on the 18th. You think there’ll be a srt file with it?

  35. Uponair

    it’ll work on the mp4 as well, as long as you play it with VLC. Oh well, we’ll get there sometime.
    Have you seen on Twitter that ‘[redacted]

  36. Uponair

    DR 1 is trying to get back up and running… Maybe there’s a rewind possibility here.
    Yes, pretty confused between the planes, phones and crack jokes. The conspiracy continues

  37. Uponair

    Seems like 10 is already available on DR1, only it’s stalling,

  38. Uponair

    Playing now =)

  39. Pooh

    So, really don’t know what to think whether I liked the ending or not. Not a lot of Danes are happy with the way it ended. And they said there wouldn’t be season 4. Hmmm, and the killer, I thought he was way too obvious, as I thought of him for a while.
    Lund doing what she did turned almost human.
    Watching it with subtitles will help to get the grasp of everything .
    Don’t think anyone expected it to end like this. Still think it’s a great skill!

  40. rich s in california

    wow. what a great series that was. i am very thankful for the suspense and enjoyment.

    • rich s in california

      For anyone who wants to read the first batch of reviews from Denmark (mostly very positive), just Google “Roserne står i kø til Forbrydelsen” and click on “Translate this page.”

  41. Woop

    Part of the subtitles I’m transcribing. After that someone needs to put them into english srt file.

    Jeg tror vi skal have nogle folk herud
    2:16 AM
    Hej, du må kommer herind nu.
    2:17 AM
    Jeg har lukket vinduet
    2:18 AM
    Har I tjekket alle indgange
    2:18 AM
    Det er nødbenidgt vi får tjekket alle anasatte
    2:18 AM
    Det er Niels Reinhardt
    2:19 AM
    Jeg forstår ikke hvad er det du vil?
    2:19 AM
    Skynd dig op på broen
    2:19 AM
    Jeg ved ikke hvad du taler om
    2:19 AM
    Det kan vi ikke vide med sikkerhed
    2:19 AM
    Stop nu
    2:20 AM
    Jeg smider hende i vandet
    2:20 AM
    Nu spørger jeg dig for sidste gang
    2:20 AM
    Læg den ned og gå væk fra ham
    2:21 AM
    Længere væk
    2:21 AM
    stop der
    2:21 AM
    Ned på knæ
    2:21 AM
    Flyt dig
    2:21 AM
    Flyt dig nu
    2:23 AM
    Og med pågribelsen af den mulige kidnapper anser man det for muligt at kidnapninegn nærmer sig en afslutning
    2:23 AM
    Vi tager det når vi kommer tilbage fra presserummet
    2:23 AM
    Din søn var også med i bilen
    2:23 AM
    Her strom skal til at gå
    2:24 AM
    Altså var han i Jylland?
    2:24 AM
    Du er blevet oplyst om dine rettigheder
    2:24 AM
    mums du er så lækker

    • Hi Woop. I can encode for you into english. Can you please finish episode 9 and 10 subtitles and i’ll convert them to english. Please man. Will be appreciated

      • rich s in california

        if worse comes to worse (meaning no subs until then), the BBC will broadcast the final two episodes on December 15. two weeks from Saturday.

    • hedgehogbrown

      I think we need some people out here
      2:16 AM
      Hey, you need to come in here now
      2:17 AM
      I’ve locked the window
      2:18 AM
      Have you checked all the entrances?
      2:18 AM
      We must check all the employees.
      2:18 AM
      It’s Niels Reinhardt
      2:19 AM
      I don’t understand, what is it you want?
      2:19 AM
      Hurry up to the bridge
      2:19 AM
      I don’t know what you’re talking about
      2:19 AM
      We can’t be certain about that.
      2:19 AM
      Stop now
      2:20 AM
      I’ll throw her in the water
      2:20 AM
      Now I’m asking you for the last time.
      2:20 AM
      Put it down and move away from him
      2:21 AM
      2:21 AM
      stop there
      2:21 AM
      On your knees
      2:21 AM
      Get out of the way
      2:21 AM
      move now
      2:23 AM
      And with the capture of the alleged kidnapper we suspect the abduction is coming to an end.
      2:23 AM
      We’ll deal with it when we get back from the press room
      2:23 AM
      Your son was also in the car
      2:23 AM
      here, the power should work (maybe? i need context for this one)
      2:24 AM
      So was he in Jutland?
      2:24 AMYou have been informed of your rights
      2:24 AM
      Yum, you are so good looking

  42. bobson

    This has slightly taken over my life in the last fortnight. I have to get my hands on the subtitles for the last two episodes! Mike’s blog has been creeping to the top of my “most visited websites” widget on Chrome.

    I really hope someone manages to get this sorted. Waiting for the BBC version seems like giving in at this point.

    Thanks to everyone who’s putting the time in to ease our pain! And what a series. I’ll need a holiday when it’s all over.

  43. rich s in california

    Fans of the series would enjoy the BBC documentary, “From The Killing to Borgen — The Danish Secret of success”

    You can watch the Vimeo video here:

    It’s wonderful to see Sofie Grabol speak fluent English, and go backstage behind the shows etc.

  44. Sarah

    I feel better having discovered this site and knowing that I am not the only desperate one searching frantically for episodes 9 and 10. I didn’t appreciate the volunteer subtitlers until now -thank you whoever you are!

  45. any news on the subs for 9 and 10? and also i have seen the bridge and borgen is there any other danish or swedish genius works of film tv series that some one can advise me to watch?

  46. Tricia

    Check jannajives blogspot add au to dot com. Too many to name. Look under country name in her index. Lots of Nordic crime series and tele movies.

  47. trev

    French series Engrenages

  48. rich s in california

    Here’s a really wild thought. How about we each contribute $1 to a fund (kept by Mike), that would pay for a Danish speaker to transcribe the last two episodes and translate the, to English? If anyone can provide an English transcript, I can create an “srt” subtitle file.

    I have no idea if Mike would permit this, but we clearly have a bunch of motivated viewers, me included. It’d be better than waiting two more weeks.

    • mikecane

      I don’t have the ability to keep a fund and it’d be better if someone else handled something like that. Translations are usually very costly because they are a lot of work — especially when they are also transcriptions.

  49. I am wondering…who did the translations for the previous episodes then?

  50. adam

    This would be a great project for elance or Mechanical Turk. Is there a link to the existing dutch titles that we can point to?

  51. Martin

    Let’s face it. Its weird .Two people doing translation about the same drama,disappear out of nothing…. They could receive some type of warning. I think.

  52. Sandy

    If we had the 9 & 10 with Dutch subtitles could they be translated?

    • mikecane

      I think someone here in Comments volunteered to try that.

      • Sandy

        I have searched everywhere for any language subtitles…none. I even tried to find DR closed captions…no luck there. This is a very strange thing. Who could stop someone from creating subtitles world wide??? humm. It is very weird. Isn’t there 1 person in the world who can translate these episodes?

      • Sandy

        Also, what happened to ‘Woop’ who was translating them from the post above?

  53. joyce fuddle

    does anyone have a link to episode 9 with english subtitles yet? i’m on tenterhooks! thank you x

    • mikecane

      There is no video with subs, no subs separately. The post will be updated when something changes. All of us are still waiting.

  54. WWA

    Ok. Maybe if you listen with the sound REAL LOUD then the Danish begins to make more sense. :)

  55. Tumbel

    Only two weeks to go before the final episodes so why would anyone bother?

    • mikecane

      We might all have to wait for BBC Four.

    • Irina

      three weeks actually… it doesn’t make a lot of sense to make subtitles for 8 episodes and then decide to not bother. however, not much we can do about it. except wait…

      • mikecane

        I will keep that post as a Sticky until the day BBC Four airs episodes 9 and 10. False hope, I think, but still. Just In Case.

      • rich s in california

        The last two episodes will be broadcast on December 15, one week from this coming Saturday.

      • mikecane

        Yes, I know. I’ve been keeping up with them. I doubt we’ll get other subtitles before then. I’ll publish what filenames I get that day or the next (last time they showed up on Sunday).

  56. RonO

    The Dutch subtitles for 9 & 10 are available here

  57. Alex

    Woohhoo! Episodes 9 and 10 are now up on Addic7ed. Thank you volunteer subtitlers!

  58. Alex

    Oops, spoke too soon. They are the Dutch subtitles :-(

  59. Chad Huevo

    There are now dutch ones-

    – they have dutch subs for 10 as well

  60. Goran

    Subs for ep 9 and 10 are up on addic7ed.
    I hope it’ll work fine.

  61. Sandy

    dutch subtitles for 9 & 10 are on addic7ed. Does this help?

    • mikecane

      I suppose people could run the Dutch through Google Translate and come up with something very rough. But it might not be very intelligible, given past GTranslate results I’ve had with web pages.

  62. Sandy

    Looks like addic7ed is translating to English as we speak.

  63. nothavingthesubswasdrivingmemad

    The english ones are available from the link below but only after a run through google translate and a quick edit at the best of my abilities but my dutch is very rusty still seems good enough for sure (right click save as).

  64. Sandy

    Just saw ep 9 & 10 with subs from above. In a way it was wonderful and then it was so sad.
    Everyone won but the poor and powerless.
    Thank you everyone for all the work you have done so that we could see this with the subtiitles.

  65. Jools

    [link redacted]

    • mikecane

      I left that link in before checking. I can’t allow that link. Also, I saw no link just for subs and it said it required a premium account for any downloads.

  66. Jools

    Apologies – forgot to say the above is a link to Episodes 9 & 10 English Subtitles. Hurrah!

    • mikecane

      There was no separate link for subs and it said downloads required a premium account.

      Due to US laws, I can’t allow any links to downloads here. Even though I can also be busted for embedding unauthorized YouTube videos, I do that because, hell, that’s on YOUTUBE.

  67. B.

    I just saw the last two episodes using those subtitles. You’re right. The English is awful, and the syntax is Germanic than English. But, it gets most of the main details right. You often have to readjust the synchronisation, but it works out well.

    We discussed the ending above. But, nothing prepared me for this ending. Nothing. It is an unsettling ending: but I think true to the spirit of Sarah Lund and the programme. Had it been one where everything was neatly tied together, I’d have been disappointed.

    In the end, it was, I think a very satisfying series.

    • mikecane

      Lund, a demented syllogism running to its inevitable conclusion. Not what I wanted, really.

      • B.

        Think that’s a bit unfair to Lund. For all the flaws in the present series and the previous ones, I think Lund a singular and inspired creation, and FB one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen.

      • mikecane

        Do you mean I’m unfair to Lund or the writers were? I think the writers were.

      • Sandy

        I do not believe Sarah would have taken that action. She is dedicated to truth and justice. Such a cold blooded act is just not in her character.

      • mikecane

        Well, even without subtitles I could see the rug was being pulled out from under her. Brix was satisfied and Louise’s killer was not going to be brought to justice.

  68. rich s in california

    i am watching episode 9 with the current set of not-quite perfect English subs, and laughed out loud at the titling at 15:51, “Is there anything that the hulpaanklager put pressure?”

    Guess we’ll find out in ten days…

    • hedgehogbrown

      pretty sure anklager is prosecutor, so there’s that.

    • Jp Lorandi

      I’ve joined addic7ed and I’m translating some of it (parts of 9). I got about 15% done. Join guys, translate 10 lines. Use google translate for help. We only need 250 more lines to have it done with.

  69. hedgehogbrown

    i would really like to watch these, and i speak enough danish to do it, but my girlfriend doesn’t speak any, and we watch together. so i can’t watch ahead of her, or i would do the subtitles myself. really aggravating. i’ve also had to hide several danish friends from my feeds to avoid spoilers. hope there are some fixed subs soon that make sense to someone who never spoke the language.

  70. RonO

    “Is there anything that the hulpaanklager put pressure?” Just replace with:
    “Is there any evidence that the assistant prosecutor applied any pressure?”

    • RonO

      Correcting my translation above
      3×09 15:51
      ls er iets wat erop wijst dat hij de
      hulp aanklager onder druk heeft gezet?
      Is there anything indicating that he
      put pressure on the auxiliary/assistant prosecutor ?

  71. vonsrecs

    Mange tak! to whoever posted the Dutch SDH and Google-translated subs for episodes 9 & 10. On a different site, I had asked for anything, even a transcript of the dialogue in these episodes, so I was plenty happy to find them. Closure, at long last!

    Thank you, mikecane, for the links and the posts.

  72. vonsrecs

    Oooops! I meant “Danish”!

  73. Zaffy

    the “manure” one made me giggle!!
    sometimes the subtitles were surreal but I think you dont miss anything from the important facts so if someone cant wait for the BBC ones he can easily get what is going on.

    (SPOILERS: and also can get pissed off by the end. I was lol!)

  74. forbrydelsen

    I have completed editing the srt on, despite only speaking German and not Dutch. I’ve just enjoyed seeing that episode and I think the English subtitles are quite sufficient and good to watch. Enjoy :)

  75. Jp Lorandi

    I have gotten thru about 60% of episode 10, on addicted (I only did about 15% of ep 9). I don’t speak know Dutch from Adam, I used Google translate mostly, then rewrote the lines so they made sense. Please contribute people!

  76. Catherine

    Just finished episode 10 with these subtitles : (the last ones on the page) and they were pretty good. Enjoy everybody !
    Spoliers :
    I have to say I was very sad at the end. They could have spared Sarah and let her be happy with her family and Borch. The end was depressing. The two first seasons were hard on her too. No happy ending. It feels like bad people won. I was also surprised by the prime minister’s reaction.
    What am I going to become without forbrydelsen to watch ?

    • mikecane


      I haven’t seen it with subs and since everyone seems to be fine spoiling things … it was clear to me without subs that Brix had no interest in pursuing the killer. The case was solved as far as he and everyone else was concerned. Sarah could not live with that. She’d promised Louise’s father justice. And Louise’s father did the right thing in the end, so there was that weighing on her too. She had that little speech to her son in episode 9, so after her entire career, she had to be wondering what she’d devoted her life to if Louise’s killer was going to get away with it. She couldn’t live with the injustice of it all. All that said, I’d rather have had a different ending where she nailed the bastard and lived happily ever after, even at a desk job like Operations & Planning. And the ending could have been different too, because there was Zeuthen wondering what the hell he’d allowed so close to his own children. He would have finally been interested in justice as well.

      And as for the killer, I was fooled because I didn’t apply Occam’s Razor. Louise would have gotten into the car of someone she *knew*. My speculations were just too damn complex.

      • Catherine

        I agree with you but I think it was a bit radical what she did. She could have tried to prove he was guilty since she thought he had killed before. How is she gonna prove it now that she left the country ? She threw her life away. And what I don’t understand is the reaction of the prime minister : his son didn’t commit suicide, he was basically killed by PET and he does nothing ??? I don’t get that.
        Emilie is safe but the end is bittersweet…
        It was really one of the best show ever. Hope there is a fourth season. Maybe the writer is going to change his mind ! And mikecane thanks for keeping us updated.

  77. Magboro

    ep 10 subs are on addicted.

    Fairly good. I think sometimes sentences that should have been negative are positive. But context is clear so brain fixes it.

  78. Alex

    I just wanted to thank you for the updates re: subs – it was so frustrating not being able to watch the final two episodes for so long, so I can’t thank you enough for posting updates about them.

    As for the series: (SPOILERS)
    I’m quite happy with the revelation of who the murderer was, it makes a lot of sense and I’d been suspicious of him from the get go.

    The Prime Minister’s choice was a confusing one though. I would have thought he’d be so enraged that his son was all but murdered that he would go straight to the press, and given that he was portrayed as an incredibly honourable man throughout you’d think he’d want to see Reinhardt be punished for his actions. His sudden lust for power seemed out of character (especially as he was all but ready to retire in one episode near the beginning of the series) but I can only suppose he knew that if he went to the police Zeeland would lawyer up and justice would never be done, and it would have a terrible effect on Denmark economically if due to this Zeeland moved their operations abroad. I’m still not convinced though…

  79. Sophie

    Just finished watching 9 &10. Yeah I’d like to say thanks to Mike Cane for the updates, as well, and unopoleco, frakis and IceHunter (whatever happened to he/she).

    I agree with you guys about the ending. It seemed a bit radical, I don’t know if I totally bought it. We knew about the decisions the others were making but she didnt, and no matter what the evidence might say, Lund always pushes forward even in the face of seemingly unshakeable alibis. The prime minister’s decision was strange considering the new info about his son’s death – he never once really seemed to be morally ambivalent. The line by the justice minister at the end – about some girl no one care’s about – really? That affected the PM so much? Throughout he seemed to be emotionally invested in the both the missing and murdered girls particularly because he lost his own son. And then there’s Zeuthen. I felt they left us a bit hanging with him.

    But then again, look at the pattern of the other two series. It seems to me that this is a man’s world. Remember Rie Skovard? They made her appear to be morally suspect but it turned out to be the other male assistant and then Trols just threw her away. I don’t know what Karen will do with the info she has, or what will happen to her, but the PM and his brother parted with her ethically, as well. It seems like the women need to take things into their own hands, hence what Lund did. Don’t remember two all that clearly, but I think it was similar with Buchard, although he seemed the most ethical of all the pols. As radical as the end might feel, the opposite seems somehow more radical – politicians sacrificing their careers in the name of justice, and justice for the little guy? really?

  80. Pooh

    Finally watched the last episode. gosh, the subtitles were really vital. Still think that what Lund did in the end was quite human for her standards. She didn’t act in a police way.
    Don’t know if I’d like to watch another series. Think the writers knew when to stop, otherwise we’re looking at her getting with Borch and it would be all too sugary. And it would be too schematic. I’ve read quite a lot of Scandinavian crime and all the detectives usually end up in Thailand or somewhere exotic and I think it would be too much and would spoil the series.
    And I’m sure I read somewhere Sophie Grabol said that she wouldn’t want to do it forever. It might’ve been related to the American version but it’s the message that goes across.
    Was thinking about alternative endings and one that fits best would be Emilie’s dad killing Reinhardt but we had that in the first series.

    Now I’m waiting for the second series on The Bridge to come out. But have Borgen to help the wait:)

  81. Jason

    The following are now available:


  82. Lund_Nyborg

    Does anyone know if English subs will be available for Borgen Series 3 which aired in Denmark last night? Many thanks!

  83. I almost never leave a response, however after reading through
    a bunch of remarks on Forbrydelsen III Episode 9 English Subtitles Update Post | Mike Cane’s xBlog.
    I actually do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind.
    Is it only me or do a few of these responses come across like they are
    coming from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are writing at additional places,
    I would like to follow everything fresh you
    have to post. Would you list of every one of all
    your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page
    or twitter feed?

    • mikecane

      >>>Is it only me or do a few of these responses come across like they are
      coming from brain dead folks? :-P

      It’s only you.

      >>>And, if you are writing at additional places, I would like to follow everything fresh you have to post. Would you list of every one of all your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page
      or twitter feed?

      There’s an email button at the right side of the blog that will alert anyone to new posts. And there’s a Search box. Plop in Forbrydelsen and all the posts will be listed.

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