R.I.P.: Zig Ziglar

I was monitoring Twitter Search about the death of Zig Ziglar because in the long stream of people expressing their appreciation and condolences, I expected someone to tweet something just like that.

That is a such a disservice to the man.

Although many people — such as him above — likely encountered Ziglar’s work only through pithy Twitter-friendly phrases, that’s not what he was about at all.

Above all, Zig Ziglar was about thinking.

Witness it here:

There’s no trickery there. He didn’t do anything more than help that woman see her situation clearly. Something she was unable to do for herself.

Anyone who comes across a succinct line from Ziglar needs to understand that’s not all there is. That’s just the punchline. There’s an entire story, an entire hierarchy of deep thinking behind it.

Ziglar’s work helped people. It changed the lives of some.

It was never about cute, hollow slogans.

Rest in peace, Zig.


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5 responses to “R.I.P.: Zig Ziglar

  1. Mike — thanks for such a profound insight. You’re exactly right…

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  3. That vid is great. A positive attitude and practicing grace under pressure will change your life. I guarantee it. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Well said… I hope that twit-erer would read any of Zig’s books. Zig Ziglar was more than his wise writings; he was the best of the best. TY Zig!

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