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Belated R.I.P.: Robert Fuest, Director

I was reading this post — The Film That Never Was — at writer Christopher Fowler’s blog about the aborted third Dr. Phibes movie.

Naturally I took a trip to Wikipedia to look up director Robert Fuest — and learned that he passed earlier this year. I don’t know how I missed that news.

Fuest directed just seven episodes of the classic TV series, The Avengers. But they were so stylish and so memorable that I really thought he had done many more. Just those seven episodes alone could be a semester in film school.

I knew decades ago there had been plans for a third Dr. Phibes movie. I’d always hoped that the continued popularity of the first two would prompt someone to finance the third. Now, with Fuest gone — and Vincent Price having preceded him — there is no real chance of anything.

It’s a tragedy that Fuest had to retire from directing. He went at things with a gusto that made his work signature and memorable. He would have been right at home doing any of today’s genre movies.

Another great is gone. Rest in peace. You did wonderful work.

After the break, two Phibes trailers.

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