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Music 104 Years Ago

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From Success magazine, January 1908.


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Succeeding With What You Have


Succeeding with What You Have by Charles M. Schwab

This is more of a pamphlet than a book. However, it’s one that public domain parasites haven’t yet managed to DMCA away from Google Books.

If you have any interest in Andrew Carnegie (or Napoleon Hill, who mentioned Schwab), it’s worth a download to get for free.

It’s not available at the Internet Archive, so for those outside of the U.S., use this Google Docs link.


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Reading Old Books Requires Lots Of Salt

From Hidden treasures, or, Why some succeed while others fail (Internet Archive link):

Hidden Treasures48b

That’s simply not true at all!

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Last night I started dipping into a book I got from Google Books, Hidden treasures, or, Why some succeed while others fail (here is a link at the Internet Archive, which is best for those outside of the U.S.).

The book’s value is questionable. It presents biographies of people who gained prominence — mostly by amassing fortunes — at its time.

After reading one brief bio, I looked up the person at Wikipedia and discovered what was not mentioned in the book: The guy came to his fortune through a history of swindling!

I don’t think that’s the lesson the writer intended to present.

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