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1917: A Woman Who Teaches Men How to Fly

From a 1917 issue of The American Magazine:


A Woman Who Teaches Men How to Fly

When the science of aviation began to make people sit up and take notice, the anti-suffragists rubbed their hands in glee.

“Here is one thing that women cannot do,” they said; “women are too temperamental, too erratic, for aviation.”

But their glee soon vanished. More than one hundred of the aviators flying for England were taught and trained in the United States at the “Stinson School of Flying” at San Antonio, Texas. And the “Stinson School of Flying” is a girl! And the girl is one of the most remarkable aviators in the world! And she is only twenty years old!

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Forbrydelsen III: Episode 9 With English Subtitles

As can be seen here …


… the latest fan-made English subtitles make sense.

That said, I had problems with the JETSET video. Synchronization was off and trying to sync using keyboard commands just made it all worse.

Non-spoiler snaps after the break.

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1917: Interview With John Brown’s Last Surviving Son

From a 1917 issue of The American Magazine:

John Brown’s Son Talks About His Father

Passers-by frequently pause in front of an old-fashioned frame house in Montavilla, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, to admire the profusion of beautiful roses in the front yard. At the rear of the lot they see a massive old man at work with his hoe in a well-kept garden.

Something vaguely familiar about the old man’s face causes the stranger to go away wondering where he has seen it before. The gardener looks like some patriarch who has stepped out of the pages of the family Bible. His iron-gray hair is brushed back from his forehead; his long, thick beard covers his powerful chest; his eyebrows are heavy, but his eyes twinkle with merriment when he talks.

If you listen to him it suddenly comes to you why his face seems so familiar. He looks like John Brown of Osawatomie. He might almost pose for a painting of that historic character. Nor is this strange; for he is Salmon Brown, the last surviving son of John Brown.

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