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Matt Mullenweg Blocked Me On Twitter But Still Did What I Wanted

Yes, it’s true.

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About a year ago now I complained to the well-known Matt of WordPress on Twitter about what a pain in the ass it was to place a lot of photos in a WordPress blog post.

I did so civilly too:

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1922: The Vacuum Tube Amplifier

From a 1922 issue of The American Magazine:



Recently, newspapers all over the world reported that Signor Marconi, the famous wireless expert, had caught certain signals which he thought might have come from Mars. His reason for this assumption was the fact that the length of the electrical waves which carried the signals was considerably in excess of 100,000 meters.

So far as he knew, no wireless station on this globe was using a wave length of more than 23,000 meters. He therefore thought these signals might have come from another planet.

I am not going into that phase of the subject here. But there is another side of it which is of extraordinary interest, because it deals with what is admitted to be the most important electrical development of the twentieth century up to the present time.

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The Young Man, A Short Story By James Oppenheim

This is the time of year that unfortunately brings out this suicidal sentiment in people:


Well hold on. You’re not really in any hurry, are you? Have a read of this story and maybe you’ll change your mind.

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