Matt Mullenweg Blocked Me On Twitter But Still Did What I Wanted

Yes, it’s true.

Click = big

About a year ago now I complained to the well-known Matt of WordPress on Twitter about what a pain in the ass it was to place a lot of photos in a WordPress blog post.

I did so civilly too:

Click = big

Basically, when you uploaded over 100 photos (and I have several posts like that), you’d have to place each one — One. At. A. Damn. Time. It would take hours to do a post like this one.

At one time I’d use software like BlogDesk. But I wanted to use images wider than my template — click to enlarge — and BlogDesk balked at that.

Why should I have to use a damn external piece of software anyway?

It was something WordPress should do.

Anyway, I persisted with Matt — despite his silly recommendation to use the atrocious Gallery feature — and within just a few tweets of back and forth, he Blocked me on Twitter!

Click = big

So damn much for twenty-first century tech leaders being any different from twentieth-century Suits!

Anyway (yes again), in the past few days, WordPress rolled out a new pop-up dialog to Add Media.

And HUZZAH! I can now drop more than one image at a time, let them all build up, hit Insert and BAM! All of them are Placed at once!

No more One. At. A. Damn. Time.

So all you WordPress users now benefiting from this change?

I took the damn bullet for you.

I’m the one now remembered as a bastard who wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

But I got the change I wanted — and that WordPress needed.

Now if only Google would listen when it comes to that atrocious ass-tastic UI for Books…



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4 responses to “Matt Mullenweg Blocked Me On Twitter But Still Did What I Wanted

  1. Thank you, Mike! and Thank you, WordPress.

  2. Thanks for that, Mike. I quit using WP for photos cause they would not show up using the theme I copied from a blogger who shall remain nameless. It’s not my fault she led me astray. HAHA. I’m getting caught up now and may try to fix that, now that you have gotten some action. Sorry to hear that guy could not cope with constructive criticism. His loss not yours.

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