The Android Vs. Windows 8 Tablet Battle Begins Now

I tried this tablet at the Asus Event.


But I didn’t think about it again until today, after seeing that unboxing video.

Here’s the thing.

A Nook HD+ with 32GBs is $299. The Asus Vivo Tab Smart with 64GBs is $499.

And that’s $499 for full Windows 8, not the worthless Windows RT.

Jumping from $300 to $500 makes sense to me because:

1) I could use the same Windows software I use on my desktop

2) I wouldn’t have to dick around with rooting anything

3) Even though there’s just 33.5GB free of the Smart’s 64GBs, there’s a microSD card slot for document/file storage

4) The screen is bigger (non-Retina is a non-issue here for me)

5) The Nook HD+ did not get a reassuring review

6) Again, I’ve tried the Vivo Tab Smart

The only question I have is how well that Atom CPU would handle full Windows apps. Would it be as weak as past Netbooks?

I rely on Photo Toolkit (which is now Photo Editor, with a touch-friendly UI) and IrfanView for photo editing.

Other Windows apps I rely on: (only because my built-in MS Paint mysteriously stopped working!) and PDF XChange Viewer.

Then, of course, there are eBook reading apps for Nook, Kobo, Kindle, Sony, and the hair-raising Adobe Digital Editions.

I didn’t get to try any of those at the Asus Event, instead concentrating on PDF viewing of difficult documents.

Still, why do without what I’m used to on the desktop and have to search for Android equivalents?

This kind of decision-making is what I think other people are going to start to do now too.

Why Android if we can have full Windows on the go?


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3 responses to “The Android Vs. Windows 8 Tablet Battle Begins Now

  1. am0rph0us

    Thought the Redmond based software giant is good with platforms, it is yet to conquer the tablet market which is already being captured by Apple and Google. With large consumers on their side, the developers are bound to make rich mobile based apps for their platforms, and not for Windows platform. What points you’ve mentioned might affect the opinions of a techno-enthusiast, but who would really want to work with PC softwares on Atom based Tablets. Anyways, in my opinion, Microsoft really need to pull out some great tricks apart from advertising to promote their tablets.

  2. john

    since windows 8 isn’t on a 7″ tablet, i’m fully appreciating my nexus 7, but microsoft store had a W510 on sale this black friday for $400 (16GB/no keyboard). there’s no comparison between the Acer 510 w/ windows 8 (not RT) on an atom processor vs. my Acer 500 w/ android (ice cream sandwich) which was $300 a year ago. you may be on to something…….

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