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Progression Of Horror

As the news progressed today:


How many more will we stand for?

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The Longest Six Seconds Of Their Lives
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If YOU Do Something, Only YOU Are Responsible


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Acer W510 Full Windows 8 Tablet And Pocket Hard Drive


Another nail in the coffin of Android tablets, as far as I’m concerned.

Being able to hook up my pocket archive drive and see videos without having to transfer them to a microSD card is just Full Win (pun intended). In fact, I could go through all my photos, music, eBooks, and PDFs that way too.

The Acer W510 is more expensive than the Asus Vivo Tab Smart — $759 with Acer keyboard dock versus $499 for Asus tablet alone — so I’m really hoping this hard drive trick is something the Asus can also do.

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The Android Vs. Windows 8 Tablet Battle Begins Now


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