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What’s The Greatest Thing?


There is something a lot greater than energy. There’s something a lot greater than entropy. What’s the greatest thing?

Answer here.


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TV: Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special


No spoilers ahead.

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Bedford Falls 2012


A Self-Made Man Looks At How He Made It

I am financially successful now; I pay a lot of taxes. I don’t mind because I know how taxes helped me to get to the fortunate position I am in today. I hope the taxes I pay will help some military wife give birth, a mother who needs help feed her child, help another child learn and fall in love with the written word, and help still another get through college.

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Pottersville 2012


Welcome to Pottersville

It’s as if we’ve been surrealistically transported to the 40s film It’s a Wonderful Life; only we aren’t in Bedford Falls . . . we’re in Pottersville. We aren’t cheering on George Bailey, as he fights tirelessly onward for the little man. We have become Mr. Potter.


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R.I.P. Actor Charles Durning

NY Times: Charles Durning, Prolific Character Actor, Dies at 89

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