Pottersville 2012


Welcome to Pottersville

It’s as if we’ve been surrealistically transported to the 40s film It’s a Wonderful Life; only we aren’t in Bedford Falls . . . we’re in Pottersville. We aren’t cheering on George Bailey, as he fights tirelessly onward for the little man. We have become Mr. Potter.



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3 responses to “Pottersville 2012

  1. Geoff

    You know who I root for in that movie now? The guy who says “I deposited $242 dollars and you said I could have it back whenever I wanted, so go fuck yourself George Bailey you bankster asshole and give me my $242.”

    Obviously, I paraphrased.

  2. Geoff

    Does a savings and loan create money out of whole cloth? Yes. I hate them all.

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