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1922: How Big Men Hit The Nail On The Head

From a 1922 issue of The American Magazine:


How Big Men Hit the Nail on the Head

They see the main issues of life and concentrate on them; by never “scattering their fire” they achieve remarkable results

by Isaac F. Marcosson

In my work as a journalist, I have met dozens of famous men. And here is one interesting fact I have got out of that experience: Almost invariably in the course of conversation, these men would say something, so sharp and to the point, that it was like throwing the spotlight on a certain idea.

These “spotlight ideas” proved to have a definite connection with the men’s careers. They were maxims which these men had “doped out” of their experience. Always, these apparently chance remarks would hit some nail squarely on the head and drive it home.

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There Is Just One Market, Apple Owns It — And Must Be Stopped

As Doctor Smith would say on Lost in Space, “Oh, the pain. The pain.”

Targets missed, Nook sells stake to Pearson to secure book distribution

For every 100 web pageviews on an iPad, a Kindle gets 5, a Galaxy gets 3, and a Surface gets 0.22

1) Pearson wants a lifeboat as its business begins to take on water like the Titanic did. Nook Media is not that lifeboat — but at least it gets them closer to Microsoft, who, paradoxically, can be.

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