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2013: The New Year


Taken from a 1922 Elgin Watch ad. That is all.


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1922: A Girl’s Will Force

From a 1922 issue of The American Magazine:

A Girl’s Will Force

Years ago in the South I met Sue. She was twelve, and loved books with all the strength of her young heart. Her father railed against her studious habits.

“You’re spoilin’ the girl,” he would say to his wife. “The younger ‘uns take to workin’ about the house, an’ she—”

But always his wife replied: “Sue’s different from us, Dan. God’s making her what we might have been.”

Thus for twelve years Sue lived in a world apart with her books.

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Some Of 2012 In Review

These are not all the posts from the past year. Nor are they even the most interesting. It’s a potpourri of stuff, some of what I think you might have missed or have forgotten.

Best Inspiration of the Year:

We Need This:
I Want To See Jubilee Fines Imposed From Now On

I Was So Very Very Very Wrong:
The Future Is Filled With Bullshit Panic Based On Software
Sandy At Zone A This Morning
Now ALL Software Models AGREE!
Superstorm Sandy Interruption
Superstorm Sandy: Before And After
Index Of Superstorm Sandy Photo Posts
And Now It’s Snow

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Microsoft No Reed Gud

It’s Official – Microsoft Doesn’t Understand Visual Novels

I give up. I see nothing to indicate that MS is serious about addressing the issue of giving developers a way to communicate directly with the folks doing the testing. I doubt that submitting it another twenty times with more and more instructions is going to solve this, and I doubt anyone is going to put that kind of time in just to be in their App Store. If you can have a $2.99 program in the Windows Store that is nothing but a wrapper for Picasa, but I can’t get my game in, then I think you know what you can expect to find (and not find) there going forward.

Ah, but the Microsofties smile a lot.

But then morons usually do.

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