Some Of 2012 In Review

These are not all the posts from the past year. Nor are they even the most interesting. It’s a potpourri of stuff, some of what I think you might have missed or have forgotten.

Best Inspiration of the Year:

We Need This:
I Want To See Jubilee Fines Imposed From Now On

I Was So Very Very Very Wrong:
The Future Is Filled With Bullshit Panic Based On Software
Sandy At Zone A This Morning
Now ALL Software Models AGREE!
Superstorm Sandy Interruption
Superstorm Sandy: Before And After
Index Of Superstorm Sandy Photo Posts
And Now It’s Snow

The Biggest Internet News:
Filesonic Shuts Its Doors To Sharing
TV Sharing Dumps AVI For x264

Book Publishing Never Learns:
The Hulu For Books That Never Was
1922: How To Market Reading And Books
1922: How To Market Reading And Books, Part Two
The Seven Words That Will Kill Books
Amazon Locks Up James Bond For A Decade
Waterstones Talks Big Then Surrenders To Amazon
Fraud All The Way Down In eBooks
Buggy Whip Makers Combine To Fight Automobiles

People Who Died:
R.I.P. Actor Robert Hegyes
R.I.P. Singer Whitney Houston
R.I.P. Voice Actor Robert Easton
R.I.P. Artist Ralph McQuarrie
R.I.P. Jean “Moebius” Giraud, Artist
R.I.P. Writer Harry Crews
R.I.P.: Journalist Mike Wallace
R.I.P.: Computing Pioneer Jack Tramiel
R.I.P. TV Host Dick Clark
R.I.P. Writer Ray Bradbury
R.I.P. Actor Ernest Borgnine
R.I.P. Writer Gore Vidal
R.I.P. Joe Kubert, Artist
R.I.P. Actor Ron Palillo
R.I.P. Writer Harry Harrison
R.I.P. William Windom, Actor
R.I.P. Phyllis Diller, Comedienne And Inspiration
R.I.P. Neil Armstrong, Astronaut
R.I.P.: Zig Ziglar
Belated R.I.P.: Robert Fuest, Director
R.I.P Actor Jack Klugman
R.I.P. Actor Charles Durning
R.I.P. TV Producer/Creator Gerry Anderson
R.I.P. Scientist Rita Levi-Montalcini

Still A Good Idea:
Pinchable Music

Napoleon Hill Retrieved From Obscurity:
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: January 1917
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: February 1918
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: June-July 1918
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: August-September 1915
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: January 1920
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: January 1921
Rare Napoleon Hill Writings: November 1921
Is This Napoleon Hill Book Extinct?
Napoleon Hill: Two Photos

Stuff You Want:
Gorgeous PDF Magazines For Free
PDFs For Free
What Your iPad Is Missing

They Finally Tell The Damn Truth:
Statin Dangers: No Longer Anecdotal

The Space Shuttle Comes to NYC:
Space Shuttle In NYC April 27, 2012
Space Shuttle In NYC June 3, 2012

Tech Stuff:
This Was Sony
A Tablet As A Camera? Hell Yeah!
Microsoft Reduces Nook To An App For $300M
Nook Touch Hacked To Be A Classic Macintosh!
Microsoft Breaks The Cool Barrier
Nexus 7 Tablet: A Remote Control For Google Cloud
Barnes & Noble’s New HD Nooks
Microsoft Surface TV Ad: This Ain’t 1984
A $329 iPad Mini Feels Like A $2495 1984 Macintosh
Asus Windows 8 Introduction: Part One
Asus Windows 8 Introduction: Part Two
Once Again I Yell About Tablets And Cameras
Some iPad Mini Testing (With PDFs Too)
The Android Vs. Windows 8 Tablet Battle Begins Now
Acer W510 Full Windows 8 Tablet And Pocket Hard Drive

Photos Of Writer Claude M. Bristol
Congratulations To Writer Moriah Jovan
Writer Tom Piccirilli: Bad Health News

Do You Have This Wicked Urge To Go Shoot Many People? I Have Some Advice For You.
Not Even Safe Under God’s Roof
The Longest Six Seconds Of Their Lives
Progression Of Horror

Still The Advice of the Year:
Advice Of The Year

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