Writer M. Dylan Raskin Update

Today his name led people to this blog.

Whenever that happens, it sets me off on my own new Google search to see what’s generated the interest in him.

All I’ve found is an old article from December 2011: Author basks in his Plattsburgh digs

His editor warned against happiness, and Raskin doesn’t know if he’ll ever publish again. But the author, whose first memoir garnered comparisons to “Catcher in the Rye” and was picked up by a few universities, is fine with that.

“There is a wonderful pleasure with not publishing,” said the author of “Little New York Bastard” and “Bandanas & October Supplies.”

“I can write for myself.”

Today, he mixes mochas and other coffee beverages at a local coffee shop and on the road. He’s content, no longer gripped by anger, and enjoys the life he’s carved out for himself in Plattsburgh.

“I think if you spend a lot of time in a place, you are that place,” he said. “I was that cynical city for 28 years, and now I am here and mellow.”

I see Dylan has gotten a mistaken idea into his head.

He fell in with the right people and began focusing on the positive, which he said ruined his career.

“I have no desire to write an ‘I am happy book,’” Raskin said. “But the truth is, I would rather be happy than have a writing career.”

Ah, Dylan. Being un-miserable is not the end of your career. It’s just another aspect of it.

People are interested in what you, Dylan, have to write about something — because you can do it the way only you can.

I’m sure all of your readers are glad for you. But we’re also looking forward to whatever book you do next.


Author and Friend: The ups and downs of author M. Dylan Raskin’s life

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2 responses to “Writer M. Dylan Raskin Update

  1. Slim Jim Shreeve

    I think it’s great writers stopping writing. There was this guy (and I never caught his name) being interview on a BBC Radio 4 book programme. He was a novelist I think…then decided, Christ, he hated it…it was like working in a factory. And books were too damn long, oh God, never ending fucking misery… So he ends up writing poetry cos it don’t take long!

    It was great. I did try to get his name, but I was a bit late looking online. Real shame. We need to lionise authors who STOP!

    I’m glad I don’t write books or write for newspapers no more… ;-)

  2. Apryl

    MDR is by far the only person that has accepted me for just being me. Bizarre story how we met and I thought it was a dream. If anyone has contact information for him please reach out. Not sure if he’s still in Plattsburgh at coffee shop but this brilliant mind rocked my life in ways only MDR would understand

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