eBook Revolution Delayed By Bugs

I got sucked into watching a repeat of House, M.D. on Cloo this afternoon and up popped a TV commercial for this book:

Click = big

And I thought: Wait a minute! Why isn’t this a damn download?

Some additional investigation revealed why:

Click = big

Just look at those print prices.

There’s a massive profit built into those.

Yet, this book is available for Kindle:

Click = big

Despite the fact most TV viewers will go buy the print edition — because, you know, these are TV viewers, for crying out loud — I can’t help wondering why the hell they would seemingly leave money on the table by not mentioning it’s available for Kindle — or even generically as an eBook.

So yeah, when you see stats about “eBook sales softening,” you can just blame the damn bugs.



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2 responses to “eBook Revolution Delayed By Bugs

  1. Selling it through Amazon doesn’t allow them to collect the customers information. Direct Response ads, specifically as seen on tv ones, make a large amount of their money through upsells, pitching additional products later on down the line, and the sale of customer data.

    In this case they’re keeping the customers in the dark for a reason.

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