Logic: Made For Machines, Not People

I happened to tune into The Passion of Ayn Rand movie on cable today, and came across this delightful little scene that just about sums up everything that’s wrong with logic.

For those who don’t know, Rand got the screwy idea in her already-screwy head that it was logically justifiable for her to have a sexual affair with her acolyte, Nathaniel Branden, and that both her husband and Branden’s wife should approve.

Since I expect a DMCA takedown of that — despite being permitted under Copyright Fair Use — here’s a transcription.

Barbara: Do you think she’s right?

Frank: “Right?”

Barbara: About the logic of the two them?

Frank: It’s always “logical.”

The human mind likes things to make sense.

But that should never, ever be confused with being logical or the requirement that “sense” be arrived at by logical means.

Logic is helpful in Science, is necessary for computing functions (although some day quantum computing will reveal otherwise), but a disaster when applied to human beings by other human beings.

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