What’s Up With Me And Twitter?

I’ve just about dropped Twitter from my life.

The reasons don’t matter.

I’ve Protected my account to discourage new Followers. I see that as an act of mercy — and a way to deflect new spammers.

Should any out-in-the-world emergency arise, I’ll tune in to Twitter.

Should I want live coverage of events — CES, Apple, Tech Company of the Moment introduction — I might tune into Twitter (although Twitter Search might satisfy for that).

For those who might say, “But now you’re out of The Conversation!” — um, no. I’m holding my own, right here (and here).

That is all.



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16 responses to “What’s Up With Me And Twitter?

  1. I get it…twitter, facebook and to a lesser extent google+ all make my head explode. I like your history/biography/lit review in iPeople and you are producing information rather than passively consuming it. (Now I have to write a blog post about this because ….

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  3. We will miss you – we always do. But now I get an email every time you post, so I will visit you here.

  4. Let us know when you post here or at iPeople so we can pass them along.

  5. Baldur Bjarnason (@fakebaldur)

    I can relate. I took some time off twitter, only for a couple of days, earlier this week and I was surprised as to how pleasant shutting all of that off felt.

    The nasty discussions outnumber the nice, especially when you’re making a substantial point on your blog or on twitter. What’s worse, you feel the impact of the nasty discussions more keenly. It affects my concentration while working, etc.. It is very disruptive and happens all too frequently.

    People can get incredibly rude. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’d be like to be a woman posting controversial things on twitter. I gather it can get really bad for them.

    I have a heavily curated list of websites I follow in my feed reader and it’s been a long while since a link popped up on twitter that was both interesting and hadn’t pop up in my feed stream as well. And when it happens it’s usually always the same people.

    Worse, I keep seeing on twitter the same links again and again, for several weeks.

    (I kind of miss the days when people ran a sidebar linkblog, a list of links in their blog sidebars that had its own feed you could subscribe to. You used to be able to replicate that feature by subscribing to the feed for a twitter account that was mostly links so you could get them sent straight into your feed reader, but Twitter turned that feature off recently.)

    The next logical step for me would be to switch to only posting links on twitter (both my own and those that I find interesting). But a lot of people might find it rude if you don’t reply, so quitting cold turkey like you did might probably be the rational thing to do. I haven’t made up my mind.

  6. The last time you bailed I didn’t understand and you never explained, but you were missed. You’ll be missed again, but now I think I’m where you were a couple of years ago.

    I’m still on, but my focus has shifted or my relationships have matured or…something. Traditional publishing may as well not exist for all the attention I pay to it. My inbox fills up with inquiries from people who have never read an ebook but know their work needs to be in E regardless, which means my business is not social-media dependent. My new readers are people who live on FB and take recs from their friends who found me via KDP Select. My Twitter reader-friends and I continue to have the same conversations, month in, month out. I would rather spend time with my kids, my husband, my house, my imaginary friends, and putting my hands into the real dirt in my back yard.

    The noise is deafening and is not productive (particularly because, as Baldur points out, most of it’s negative). It used to be positive and productive. I’m not going to lie. But Twitter’s outlived its usefulness and FB is crazy-making. It’s time to rediscover actual flesh-and-blood human interaction.

  7. Goldfish

    You were the only reason I visited (but never signed up for) that god-forsaken place, so THANK YOU! for freeing me.

  8. Martin

    If that what you want, good for you.

  9. I’m just slowly slipping back online after being literally cut off for two weeks in the middle of the desert over Christmas. Still catching up on blogs, but I haven’t managed to get back to Twitter yet, except a few replies. The way it’s going, it might be weeks before I get around to it, if that.

    So I can’t say I miss you on Twitter since I’m not there either right now, but I do miss those conversations. I look forward to the new ones.

  10. happycitizen2

    I can relate to your “What’s UP” and hope my ramble isn’t too trite…I’m fortunate the “otherside” of me, the-private-don’t-jump-in-with-both-feet-right-now, THAT me who grabs the back of my blouse and instantly pulls me back from the riding the noisy crowded bandwagon, never did tweet. My first reaction, c’mon how infantile! I faced-the-damn-book for like a month, when it first arrived on the give-it-up-for-friending/liking/farming the entire planet, but then my I regained a little sanity, read all the fine print, eeek’d and shut it all down. Wasn’t till a few years later, I learned there was a little known (almost secret!) process @ least not easily referenced, to delete your account. Closing AND deleting your account is supposedly the “clean” removal of your Facebook information. Clue time folks, our privacy was and is non-existent now. Eons ago, I weakened and signed up for google+. My acct sat there lifeless for months, taking up cyberspace. Only recently (the last month) I made a leap to “follow” not friend, a few other ggl+er’s and began a WP blog. @ this pt is a wait ‘n see what the other me decides about this bandwagon ride.

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