The Rich

The Smarter You Are, the Richer You Are? The Richer You Are, the Smarter You Are? Nope

This whole rich = smart crap that I keep hearing in the Libertarian/HBD-tard/Manosphere and the rest of the idiotic Internet seems like nonsense to me. My limited experience with rich people has led me to conclude that “the smarter you are, the richer you are” and “richer you are, the smarter you are” is the biggest bunch of shit I have ever heard in my entire life.

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6 responses to “The Rich

  1. I don’t know who in libertarianville is promoting this because I live in libertarianville and I haven’t seen anyone saying this. What I see is “work hard” and/or “drop out” and/or “buy silver.”

  2. Hit “post” before I finished.

    I’m at the very fringe beginning of what’s called GenX (used to be Baby Busters). My emotions got much less stressed when, at 23 or so, I accepted that 1) smart != rich and rich != smart and 2) I was never going to see a dime of any FICA taxes I paid. I had called the SSA and asked to opt out. I got a clue when I was laughed at. These two things have been so ingrained into my worldview (and the worldview of my contemporaries) I’m continually shocked that anybody in GenY thinks/believes these things.

    But GenY DOES believe it. Furthermore, Baby Boomers and “The Greatest Generation” still don’t understand the Ponzi that is social security. My ancient neighbor believes she has a lockbox with her name on it.

    • mikecane

      The Work Ethic is ingrained in the American Myth. The Myth was built when people feared God. Now people don’t fear a goddammed thing and socio/psychopathology is rampant. Mother Jones this week blamed lead for a spike in criminality. What accounts for the widespread socio/psychopathology that is bleeding the nation, has robbed the world, gives us the TSA, legalized murder by drone strike, and the shredding of our Constitution at home?

  3. You’re right on this one. The lack of fear of going to hell accounts for a lot of the shit going on now. I am so tired of hearing about single parent families that I could scream. A family requires two parents working for the same goal. That ain’t happening today in this country. While I’m preaching, the babying of the youth where everyone is a winner and all get a trophy is a root cause also. Be sure not to hurt their feelings. Yup, that’ll do it.

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