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Windows 8 Tablet Notes #1

iPad, Surface, Ultrabook: Are we there yet? — a very good post that also includes some good tips.

Microsoft Surface Tip: Use microSD with Libraries and Metro-Style Apps and Surface and SD Card — if this is true for all Windows 8 tablets, then some people at Microsoft need a beating. The user should never have to go through this! Users went through this crap back in the old days of PalmOS. This is now 2013. Join the 21st century!

For those curious about the Windows 8 tablets I’m interested in right now, see after the break.

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The Lie Of Specialness

All My Life I’ve Been Told I Was Special. It Was A Lie.

A great post, and the Comments are worth reading too:

You know the real depressing thing? I actually am special. Far above average intelligence, memory, etc. I feel just as lost and directionless as everyone else.

But this one is entirely wrong:

Hate to break it to you Matt, but every generation of kids was told the same lie* and has come to same conclusion–at least the ones with brains who are actually paying attention.

Man, no one was special when I went to school. We were classed by test grades and anyone who was more intelligent than the most intelligent class got some special handling — like going to a junior high instead of finishing elementary school — and that was it. And yes, I did say classed by test grades. So if you were in the last of the five classes, you’d already been told that you were basically a moron who’d have to prove otherwise to the school. How’s that for hammering the conceit out of a kid?

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