Windows 8 Tablet Notes #1

iPad, Surface, Ultrabook: Are we there yet? — a very good post that also includes some good tips.

Microsoft Surface Tip: Use microSD with Libraries and Metro-Style Apps and Surface and SD Card — if this is true for all Windows 8 tablets, then some people at Microsoft need a beating. The user should never have to go through this! Users went through this crap back in the old days of PalmOS. This is now 2013. Join the 21st century!

For those curious about the Windows 8 tablets I’m interested in right now, see after the break.

Asus VivoTab Smart: Has micro USB port, 10.1″ tablet, optional Bluetooth keyboard cover, no stylus, ~$499 for tablet only.

Acer W510: Has micro USB port, 10.1″ tablet, optional keyboard dock, no stylus, ~$580 for tablet only.

Asus VivoTab: No micro USB port, 11.6″ tablet, optional keyboard dock, has stylus, ~$789 for tablet only.

– 10.1″ tablet size does not matter; can use any size Bluetooth keyboard.

– stylus does not matter

– Micro USB on tablet necessary for pocket hard drive

– Acer has the edge, with optional dock with battery, but Asus has been fondled, is nice, is less expensive, and I’m not sure I’d want a keyboard dock with another battery to manage

Those three are full Windows 8 tablets with Atom CPUs.

Full Windows 8 tablets that have i3, i5, and i7 CPUs are much more expensive and generally have 11.6″ and larger screens. They will also generally include a stylus (or optional stylus). Battery life will probably be inferior to the Atom-based tablets. I’m not tempted by the Surface Pro but could be, depending on the reviews.


I was favoring the Asus VivoTab Smart until I re-watched the unboxing videos on YouTube and noticed something. It seems to charge via the microUSB port. And the included microUSB cable looks like it might be — generously — only a foot long(!). How close to an outlet does it have to be to charge and how long does that take? Having to use the microUSB port for AC means that port can’t be used for a pocket hard drive. So in this respect, the Acer is superior because even though it uses a proprietary connector, there is a port just for charging that leaves the microUSB port free for use when on AC. The Acer is also bundled with a male microUSB to full USB female connector.

A sample of video shot with the Asus VivoTab Smart:

Update, Sunday January 7, 2012: It seems Asus is falling down when it comes to support of its tablets. See here: Asus Vivo Tab Review.

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