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Time Time Time See What’s Become Of Me

Revolution Vs “Turboparalysis” – The Real New Normal

The lead sentence smacked me in the face:

More than half a decade has passed since the recession that triggered the financial panic and the Great Recession…

One of my prior blogs, Mike Cane 2008, was filled with it.

And it is now 2013.

Five years!

Gone, like — snaps fingers — that!

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CES 2013 Notes #1

Updated with Velocity Micro news at end

Updated with Asus news at end

CES hasn’t even really begun as I type this yet my head is already spinning a bit from what’s already been announced.

Seven-inch Android tablets are now junk. With Alcatel and Vizio joining the seven-inch tablet market, it’s clear the age of that tablet size is coming to an end as prices plummet to eInk device levels. By the end of this year, we’ll likely see eInk devices drop to $49 fire sale prices (probably $29 for the Kobo Mini). If Google dares to release another seven-inch Nexus tablet this year, they’ll be laughed at, even if it has a Tegra 4 CPU.

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