How It Works In The Real World

Never Lie About Who You Really Are

People at all levels, especially management, witness the slow undoing of good customer service, product quality, or safety standards, and they don’t say a thing about it. Even if it violates their own value system and the mission of the company.

How this works in real life in business:

1) Bitch about something that’s wrong

2) Be labeled “not being a team player”

3) You are then seen as the problem

4) You’re fired or you must quit due to pressure or alienation

Saying you’re a “team player” in an interview is a passport to entry because you’re saying you’ll allow any shit to happen around you for the sake of selling your soul and your self-respect for a paycheck. “Team player” is code for “we’re getting away with shit here and you better not rat us out.” “Team players” are corrupt sons of bitches who deserve their inevitable failure and bankruptcy. Anyone who wants to contradict this statement is a corrupt son of bitch too, so don’t bother.



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5 responses to “How It Works In The Real World

  1. Don’t get me started. I’ll just pick up where you left off. That said, there IS an “I” in TEAM:

  2. Bless you, mike…somehow you occasionally hit the nail on the head with a post or a link to a post, and I needed this one.

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  4. Keishon

    Anyone who wants to contradict this statement is a corrupt son of bitch too, so don’t bother.

    No, you pretty much nailed it. There’s a lot of corporate talk that makes me crazy. I’ll never get used to it. What I hate most about upper management is that no one wants to hear anything negative about anything ever.

  5. Christiano Kwena

    No want wants your charity but if you are so willing to give it anyway, everyone will take it; so, don’t complain.

    That is how I have found the real world. It’s best to stick to your duty and seek to please no one.

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