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Become intelligent and successful in 30 days (or years) — I thought one item was missing, so I left a Comment.

Rejection Therapy: A Hundred Days of ‘No’ — and this is linked to the above although it’s not mentioned. And see his website: Hope From Nope, which contained this gem:

When asking someone to do something, there is a big difference between a favor and a challenge.

A favor requires the requested to invest time and effort on behalf of someone else. When it comes from a stranger, its success tabs into the altruistic side of the request recipient.

He might not know it (yet?), but he just explained to everyone why business-speak is drowning in the word “challenge.” It’s disguised and manipulative begging that absolves the “challenger” from being accountable for a failed goal.

2013: What To Focus On

This is the trend of abundance (and the real financial crisis), and it’s making it a lot harder every year to stand out. It’s no longer just a question of having an interesting product for people to buy. You have to outcompete all the other things people buy as well.

What would you rather have?

• One full-year subscription to the New York Times = $455
• Or… an XBOX ($99), a Netflix subscription ($99), and a Nexus 4 phone ($299) = $497

This is the real challenge the younger generation is faced with today. And since random general purpose news is freely available somewhere else, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to guess which choice they make.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


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6 responses to “Worth Reading

  1. I have that book he cites, Gödel, Escher, Bach. I’ve had it for years and on my TBR list longer than that. I guess I better get reading.

  2. Christiano Kwena

    I am researching consumerism in this decade and the last link you provided has been helpful.

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