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John Kitto

From the 1905 book, The Making of a Man by Orison Swett Marden:


Wikipedia: John Kitto

Here’s the prelude:

Born in Plymouth, John Kitto was a sickly child, son of a Cornish stonemason. The drunkenness of his father and the poverty of his family meant that much of his childhood was spent in the workhouse. He had no more than three years of erratic and interrupted education. At the age of twelve John Kitto fell on his head from a rooftop, and became totally and permanently deaf. As a young man he suffered further tragedies, disappointments and much loneliness. His height was 4 ft 8 in, and his accident left him with an impaired sense of balance. He found consolation in browsing at bookstalls and reading any books that came his way.

Before going off to read his entry, see the punchline after the break.

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So I Will Skip iPad Mini 1.0 Now?

Next-Generation iPad and iPad Mini Rumored for March Launch

Our checks at CES indicate Apple will release the iPad 5 and the second-generation iPad mini this March.

And not less than an hour ago I was reading a Google Books PDF on this crap desktop and holding my paper iPad Mini over the page image and marveling that all of it would have fit on the Mini’s screen like a charm.

I suppose with others now releasing eight-inch tablets, Apple needs to move faster to stay in place. A $199 Archos 80 Platinum versus a $329 iPad Mini is a hell of a competition. And that Platinum should be available in stores by then.

Apple could cement its lead for, like, forever, if someone would wake up and realize the company is no longer the plaything of Steve Jobs — and put a damn microSD card slot in all models of iPad.

But I won’t hold my breath for that — even though, you know, people who don’t like such a slot wouldn’t have to frikkin use it!


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CES Notes #5

It’s the final day of CES. There’s no real news or any new tablet videos. We’re at the dregs.

In search of webOS at CES 2013 — where the hell is Gram? Their website is still just a logo.

Here’s a video of the latest craptabs from Polaroid:

Yeah, the Archos 70 Titanium is better than the seven-inch and $10 cheaper. And for $20 more over the Polaroid ten-inch, you can get the Archos 97 Titanium with a Retina-class screen. The only thing that will make these Polaroid tablets sell is distribution. If even that!

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Your CES Video Coverage Sucks. Do It Right Or Stay Home.

There’s a huge problem with CES video coverage.

Having looked at many videos from CES, someone needs to devise a camera setup that leaves both of the reporter’s hands free. I’m sick of seeing videos where tablets are held awkwardly with one hand — while the other hand is busy holding the damn camera — and nothing is even tried on them. Maybe someone needs to address this with a Kickstarter. It’d sell like crazy.

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