CES Notes #5

It’s the final day of CES. There’s no real news or any new tablet videos. We’re at the dregs.

In search of webOS at CES 2013 — where the hell is Gram? Their website is still just a logo.

Here’s a video of the latest craptabs from Polaroid:

Yeah, the Archos 70 Titanium is better than the seven-inch and $10 cheaper. And for $20 more over the Polaroid ten-inch, you can get the Archos 97 Titanium with a Retina-class screen. The only thing that will make these Polaroid tablets sell is distribution. If even that!

And here’s something to think about for CES 2014:

Why Do I Want An iPad Mini So Badly?

And this morning, as I read a book on my phone on the subway and wished the screen was bigger, I suddenly realized why people are so excited about smart watches like the Pebble. A watch could be a “phone,” couldn’t it? It could be the device for short communications and reminders that I need to know about right away. And for things that require screen real estate and concentration, I could use a mobile-sized tablet. Then I wouldn’t need a phone at all.

It’s the phone that’s the awkward size. That’s the thing I drop all the time. If I had a smart watch and a tablet, I wouldn’t need anything in my pocket at all. I know it sounds awkward to do a voice call on a watch, but A) voice calls are inherently awful, and B) it might not be so bad. Imagine if you could snap the device off of the wristband and hold the back of it up to your ear. A good enough microphone could make that work.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


With all of the action happening with wristbands lately, I wonder if Apple will set the pace for that?

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  1. Can’t answer that question. I must admit that I read Dick Tracy every sunday when the newspaper would arrive. I admired that watch of his. Now I’m not sure I need or want one. These other gadgets have made it useless to me.

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