Your CES Video Coverage Sucks. Do It Right Or Stay Home.

There’s a huge problem with CES video coverage.

Having looked at many videos from CES, someone needs to devise a camera setup that leaves both of the reporter’s hands free. I’m sick of seeing videos where tablets are held awkwardly with one hand — while the other hand is busy holding the damn camera — and nothing is even tried on them. Maybe someone needs to address this with a Kickstarter. It’d sell like crazy.

I’m also pissed off that not one single tech reporter pulled out a Nexus 7 or an iPad Mini to do a size comparison against other seven- and eight- inch tablets. That’s probably because their damn hand is busy fumbling with a camera to do the video coverage.

Also, every damn Archos tablet has camera built in. Not one single tech reporter even tried to take a picture! Not one! What the hell kind of crap reporting is this? Are you reporters or just extensions of Archos’ marketing?

On top of that, every single tech reporter knows they are going to be handling tablets. Did any single one of them bring along a microSD card with some test files to try? Hell no. This is really pathetic. I can understand Archos having a booth in an area where WiFi isn’t working, so web pages can’t be brought up, but really, not testing the camera at the very least makes you nothing but a damn shill. And not bringing along a microSD card makes you an idiot.

I might have forgotten all the tests I wanted to do at the Asus event back in October, but I at least had my damn PDF tests to fall back on to give people an actual idea of the hardware’s performance. I didn’t just go “Oooh, shiny! And here are the damn specs,” like some marketeer.

This foreign-language video highlights everything I just said — but I give him points for at least bringing up the damn camera, even though he couldn’t take a picture (because he was busy holding his own damn camera):

Don’t give me any crap about how reviews are supposed to be where information comes out. Start at the first point of contact with a device so people have a better idea instead of just repeating a spec sheet we can see online.

And don’t wail to me about it being a crowded tech show. That doesn’t cut it. Not when I can get shit done in a more hectic environment — NYC’s main Apple retail store!

All of you so-called tech reporters, next time bring along a microSD with test files:

1) Videos ripped at different sizes with different codecs
2) Reference photos to test screen color accuracy
3) Audio files at different bit rates and of different formats
4) PDF files of various kinds
5) Microsoft Office test files

Don’t turn around and rag on the mainstream media for keeping us clueless — not when you’re going out and doing the same damned thing with tech.

We can download spec sheets faster than you can parrot them.

Do it better or just stay the hell home and stop wasting our time.

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One response to “Your CES Video Coverage Sucks. Do It Right Or Stay Home.

  1. May I add two more things that keep me from actively seeking vids. Know the minimum focus distance of your camera and hold the damn thing still. I don’t have motion sickness meds readily available.

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