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Screens: iPad Mini Versus Archos


A pair of Russians finally did what no other reporter did at CES. Put an iPad Mini next to one of the Archos eight-inch tablets. It’s the not Archos 80 Titanium or Platinum, but the much larger 80xs. Still, the screens are nicely aligned.

Full video after the break.

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Dangerous Digital Tunnelvision

Winners and Losers

I read about Michael Milken making half a billion dollars in the eighties. I saw my boomer brethren getting rich in that decade. I just thought it wasn’t my turn yet. Or to quote Led Zeppelin, my time was gonna come.

The joke was on me. As the years wore on you could only become truly rich if you were involved in finance. As for the rest of us, James McMurtry had it right, we can’t make it here anymore.

That news will come as a shock to everyone who made good in the past several decades both outside of finance and outside of the assorted technology industries.

Jobs fight: Haves vs. the have-nots

“The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories,” Andreessen says. “People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.”

I will take him at his word that he meant jobs. A job is something you are paid to do within an organization.

There will always be plenty of opportunities outside of organizations.

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Rambling Notes About Surface And Windows RT


Windows RT Jailbreak tool released, opening up the door for a Microsoft Surface homebrew community

Samsung won’t launch Windows RT tablets in the US, blames confusion and weak demand

Early Mac OS seen running on Surface thanks to Windows RT jailbreak

Microsoft’s partners fly the Windows 8 flag, but the future is Surface

Best Buy Surface RT

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Charbax Does Archos Platinum

Charbax, who has probably single-handedly kept Archos afloat by demanding all his relatives and friends buy their products, has done a video of the new 80 and 97 Platinum tablets at CES. These are worth seeing because he tries Fruit Ninja on the 97 and almost takes a picture with the camera on the 80.

These really look like the first Archos products that are worth buying. I just hope their looks are not deceiving and that quality control is finally world-class.

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