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Galaxy Note 2 As Desktop PC

This is interesting:

What’s missing? A touchscreen monitor.

(I see ViewSonic is selling one, but it doesn’t seem to tilt or lie flat.)

It also seems to scale up windowing better than Windows 8 Metro UI does.

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Nexus 7 To Go 7.7

Confirming my assertion that seven-inch tablets are dead and that eight-inch-class tablets are the Next Thing:

Rumors About Google’s Upcoming LG Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 Devices Surface

The Nexus 7.7 is the next mid-range Google tablet, going to offer a 7.7-inch WUXGA display (1920×1200, 294 ppi). It will offer a 720p HD rear and front cameras and will be powered by the same NVidia Tegra 4 chip, along with 2GB of RAM and 8/16GB of internal storage. The price will be of $299 for the 8GB model – while both devices are expected to come with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. An announcement is expected during this year’s Google I/O event.

If that 8/16GB of internal storage is true, then it must have a card slot. You can’t do a locked-down tablet with just 8GBs of storage without a slot these days. If Google tries that, they will be yelled at and everyone will say not to buy that model. Google doesn’t even offer an 8GB Nexus 7 model anymore.

Google’s I/O event takes place May 15-17.

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Just What The Hell Are We?

I know you think you came to it on your own but you live in America, you don’t make free choices here, freedom is a brand

Not putting the post title here because then you won’t bother to read it so just click and go read the whole damn thing and I will further obscure the URL with a shortURL so you will have to click through

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The Stages Of Doom


This should be printed out and tacked on your wall where you can quickly refer to it:

Stages Of The Crash: 1-3 Have Happened, Wait For 4-11

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