Galaxy Note 2 As Desktop PC

This is interesting:

What’s missing? A touchscreen monitor.

(I see ViewSonic is selling one, but it doesn’t seem to tilt or lie flat.)

It also seems to scale up windowing better than Windows 8 Metro UI does.

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One response to “Galaxy Note 2 As Desktop PC

  1. Slim Jim Shreeve

    This is brilliant. All you need is your mouse, a keyboard, amp and speakers of some kind, and off you go. So you get home, everything is set, and you just plug in your smartphone. No need for loads of gear, just your phone. And you could fix up a big monitor if you wanted too.

    I’d do this, definitely. I might see what I can do with my iPhone.

    As for propping up phones, I bought this spider thing, perfect alternative for a tripod if you want to talk direct into your phone as video cam. See:

    I really like the idea of traveling light.

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