Free Libraries Equal Free Minds

I found this in a 1905 issue of Every Where Magazine:


I found this on the Net:


Bishop Matz of Colorado thinks the Carnegie libraries are “sinks of corruption,” where Voltaire and infidel and sensational reading is doing much damage. If Bishop Matz would tell the whole truth he would say that these libraries refused to be expurgated by the Roman hierarchy and hence war has been declared. The public libraries in many places are under the dominancy of the hierarchy. If any fuss is made about it the trustees are turned out. The public school text-books, the public libraries, the public press, in fact freedom of any kind unless it has been passed upon by the hierarchy is not tolerable. We have no doubt but that there are books in the Carnegie libraries unfriendly to the Christian religion. That is to be regretted, but Rome must learn at some time that she cannot control the thinking of the world by an edict directed against free libraries.


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