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Napoleon Hill: The “Missing Pages”

Some scam site says of Think and Grow Rich:

Unless you read one of the rare original copies of the book you probably missed the critical instructions from Napoleon Hill. There are actually two pages missing from almost every single version ever printed. Below is a copy of part of one of those missing pages.

Let me save you from being preyed on.

After the break, here are those two pages, from this site. The text is in the public domain, but not all editions available online have these two pages. No one should be suckered to get these two pages.

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It’s A Trap


Dow, S&P Close at 5-Year Highs; Vix Plunges Near 12

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TV: Utopia

This is not a report. It’s a head’s up. I got to see the opening minutes of a new British TV series called Utopia before my crap PC refused to play it properly.


A guy published a comic called Utopia, that he wrote and drew himself. Then he killed himself. There is something revelatory about the comic. So much so that someone is willing to kill to have it.

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Napoleon Hill Miscellany

From a 1914 issue of the Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office:


I have not been able to find a patent associated with that. The application might not have been granted.

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Stop It. Apple Is Not Dropping Dead.

Exclusive – Japan’s Sharp curbs iPad screen output as Apple manages demand shift-sources

CEO, Tim Cook, who is credited with building Apple’s Asian supply chain, has overseen several gadget launches, including the iPhone 5, the latest iPad models and the iPad mini during his first year, is under pressure to deliver the kind of product innovations that wowed consumers during Steve Jobs’ tenure to keep his company’s profit growth stellar.

The key phrase: “That wowed consumers.”

Am I the only one who recalls the history of Apple since Jobs returned?

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We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Badges

Woke up to discover this:


Really, I have nothing to do with any dumb “Like” button here. Don’t encourage this stupid trend towards making everything into a game by clicking “Like” everywhere. It’s OK in YouTube, but not here.


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