Stop It. Apple Is Not Dropping Dead.

Exclusive – Japan’s Sharp curbs iPad screen output as Apple manages demand shift-sources

CEO, Tim Cook, who is credited with building Apple’s Asian supply chain, has overseen several gadget launches, including the iPhone 5, the latest iPad models and the iPad mini during his first year, is under pressure to deliver the kind of product innovations that wowed consumers during Steve Jobs’ tenure to keep his company’s profit growth stellar.

The key phrase: “That wowed consumers.”

Am I the only one who recalls the history of Apple since Jobs returned?

When the transparent iMacs were introduced, they didn’t include a floppy disk drive. People thought they would fail.

When the iPod was introduced, it was dismissed as just another MP3 player. No. Wait. An overpriced MP3 player. That would fail.

When the iPhone was introduced, people were wowed. But people thought it would fail.

When the iPad was introduced, it was laughed at as just a bigger iPhone. People thought it would fail.

When the iPad Mini came out, the cries of Apple’s doom were all over the map. Look, the pundits cried, Steve Jobs was not only wrong, but Apple is so desperate that they’ve copied the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. And they thought it would fail.

So far, all these doomsayers have been wrong. From the iMac through to the iPad Mini, Apple has succeeded.

And the pundits — which is what this is really about — weren’t really wowed by anything Apple has done. According to them — still, to this very day! — Apple’s success has been dumb luck or just hypnotic marketing leading sheep to slaughter.

Suddenly everyone wants Apple to pull a rabbit out of its hat?

Where the hell are the rabbits from Amazon, Google, Nokia, Sony, Samsung?

Or right. They never had any. They all had to copy Apple’s rabbit!

Really, all you pundits, it’s time to just shut the fuck up. You’re sounding more and more like Ed Colligan every day.


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4 responses to “Stop It. Apple Is Not Dropping Dead.

  1. Montresor

    Ssshhh – you’re going to screw it up for those buying up sucker’s shares of Apple. Hasn’t been an opportunity this good in years.

  2. Ric Day

    Yeah, and the only cars those pundits ever liked were the Trabant, the Edsel, and of course the Corvair…

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