We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Badges

Woke up to discover this:


Really, I have nothing to do with any dumb “Like” button here. Don’t encourage this stupid trend towards making everything into a game by clicking “Like” everywhere. It’s OK in YouTube, but not here.


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6 responses to “We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Badges

  1. Christiano Kwena

    I think you will regret this,

  2. You know, you can turn “Likes” off if you don’t, erm, LIKE them. Actually I like being able to “LIke” your posts, but I suppose I could just comment and say “Like.” Same difference.

    On the other hand, the thing I really hate is “Like Spam.” I seem to get a lot of this. Readers I don’t know or recognize, who have user/blog names that seem spammy. I suspect these “Likes” are just attempts to get noticed. I wish I could remove those.

    Anyway, I’m surprised no one “Liked” this post yet…

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