Sonita Henry

For years I have wondered who that silent, hot woman was behind the President in The Fifth Element:


Here she is in action, being silent. And hot:


I guess I could never figure out how to Google her or just didn’t think she had a credited role. But today I saw The Fifth Element again and there she was in the credits — President’s Aide: Sonita Henry.

I rushed to Google.

And she had this brief but highly memorable part in the last Star Trek movie:


No, she did not become un-hot. They digitally morphed her face. Although even morphed, there is still a hotness.

So, anyway. Mystery solved. I love the Internet.



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3 responses to “Sonita Henry

  1. Slim Jim Shreeve

    Wait a minute, the morphed Sonita is still hot???!!! She’s got the look of a tree-dwelling rodent…I think you need to get out more ;-) Well, so do I too…supermarket is pretty much it right now, and even that has the potential to land me in trouble:

  2. Check out Dead space 2…She portrays Elle Langford….real cool!

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