The National Math

From the 1901 book, Richard Croker by Alfred Henry Lewis:

And because sundry millionaires have made more millions, they call the country prosperous. Mere wealth in a country doesn’t mean prosperity. It is the distribution of wealth. A community of one thousand souls, and each with fifty thousand dollars, would be an aggregate of fifty million dollars; and it would be a tale to tell of a people prosperous and well content. But a community of one thousand souls, where one had fifty million dollars, and nine hundred and ninety-nine not one dollar among them, would be a den where all the serpents of slavery, ignorance, misery, and degradation would coil and hiss and strike.

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One response to “The National Math

  1. mspadmanabhan

    you really have a national feeling with full patriotism; your feeling should get imbedded into the politicians of India where we have 120 billion people with many politicians growing up to the extent of having accounts in Swiss banks and ordinary people going without a full meal a day.

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