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South Of Normal

Having missed most of the series when it originally aired, I’ve been catching up on House, M.D. every now and then.

Tonight the episode “DNR” aired and it contained this brilliant little speech from a paralyzed musician who thinks he’s played his final note, given to House:

I know that limp. I know the empty ring finger. And that obsessive nature of yours, that’s a big secret. You don’t risk jail and your career to save somebody doesn’t want to be saved unless you got something, anything… one thing. The reason normal people got wives and kids and hobbies, whatever, that’s because they ain’t got that one thing that, that hits them that hard and that true. I got music. You got this. The thing you think about all the time. Thing that keeps you south of normal. Yeah, makes us great. Makes us the best. All we miss out on is everything else. No woman waiting at home after work with a drink and a kiss; that ain’t gonna happen for us.

It’s more effective as video, but no one has posted it to YouTube.


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1908: Andrew Carnegie

From a June 1908 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine:


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photo Leak

Via Sammobile:


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Quote Of The Day

iPad Hack Statement Of Responsibility

The beast is so monstrous it will devour us all. None will be spared.

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