Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Photo Leak

Via Sammobile:


I am really hoping that is not a silver trim around the edges.

1280 x 800 at eight inches is 188.68 ppi. The iPad Mini is 162.03 ppi.

Galaxy Tab 7.7: 7.74″ x 5.23″ x 0.31″ – 11.9 oz

iPad Mini: 7.87″ x 5.3″ x 0.28″ – 10.88 oz

Galaxy Note 8.0: 8.32″ x 5.4″ x 0.31″ – 11.6 oz

Archos Cobalt 80: 7.99″ x 6.04″ x 0.45″ – 16.5 oz (as proxy for Platinum)

What would interest me in this over the Archos 80 Platinum is if the multi-windowing is baked in and works well. If I can’t have webOS Cards and Stacks, multi-windowing is a step up from typical single-screen display.

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