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Riding Apple Like A Horse

Apple on Track for Worst Day Since ’08 TARP Rejection

Shares of former tech darling Apple tumbled 11% on Thursday in their largest selloff since the 2008 financial crisis as Wall Street worries the iPhone maker’s incredible growth pace may be over.

The steep tumble leaves Apple at fresh 11-month lows and knocked the consumer-electronics giant off its perch as the world’s most valuable company by market capitalization, allowing ExxonMobil to retake the top spot.

The bad day for Apple comes after the company disappointed shareholders on Wednesday evening with gaudy quarterly results that failed to meet Wall Street’s lofty expectations.

Let’s review. Rapacious sociopaths who fleeced the entire world and who need more drugs than the Federal Reserve has handed to them for free remain unsatisfied so they do a pump and dump of a tech company that has a high-profile and is very successful. Yet they will defend themselves against accusations by citing “irrational exuberance” on the part of their “clients.”



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Future Or Just Fad?

How an Unsigned White Rapper Changed Music

On January 24, 2013, the music industry will drastically change, thanks to an unsigned white rapper by the name of Macklemore. Why? Because Macklemore will be the first unsigned artist in modern history to hit #1 on U.S. Charts, with the song “Thrift Shop.” Not bad for a guy who’s debut full-length album, The Heist, was just a collaboration between friends that sold 78,000 copies in its first week.

Macklemore’s achievement is a big warning sign to the mega-labels, United Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Corporation, who for the first time in quite a while, do not have a number one hit. Through just his massive online following, Macklemore was able to go to top without the help of a gigantic label covering his back or spending millions of dollars on marketing. These labels have to be nervous; no longer do artists need to go through them in order to be successful.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Listen to it after the break.

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Eating Apple, With Fava Beans

Apple CEO: Don’t Fear Cannibalization, Embrace It

I see cannibalization as a huge opportunity for us. Our core philosophy is to never fear cannibalization. If we don’t do it, someone else will.

Someone else is going to:

A Day With The Galaxy Note II

Like a prize idiot, I went to work yesterday, but left my laptop at home. Prat!

So, time to put the Samsung Galaxy Note II through its paces. I’ve had the phone for a couple of months and been really pleased with it. But I sensed that I hadn’t really used it in anger. I decided to spend the whole day trying to do my work only using the GN2. And, to make the challenge more exciting – no recharges!

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One Year Later: Cancer Cure?

This is a robopost that was scheduled a year ago for January 24, 2013.

One year ago today:

Roswell Park Makes Major Announcement on Cancer Vaccine

Roswell Park Cancer Institute held a press conference this morning to announce the development of an investigational cancer vaccine.

Officials from Roswell were on hand to highlight what the vaccine can do. They say the NY-ESO-1 dendritic cell vaccine has the potential to “eradicate cancer cells and prevent disease relapse.”

The new NY-ESO-1 dendritic cell vaccine is expected to show great promise in patients with bladder, brain, breast, esophageal, gastrointestinal, hepatocellular, kidney, lung, melanoma, ovarian, prostate, sarcoma and uterine tumors.

It will be interesting to see if announcements of success have been made.

Update: What I hadn’t counted on a year ago when scheduling this post is that the link to the article would be dead!

Second update: Original source is Roswell Park Launches Landmark Immunotherapy Vaccine Trial


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Whores Of The Free Market

Obamaism Will Fail Because Socialism Always Does

We are not encouraging people to do better. We are not inspiring people to be the best they can be. We are essentially acknowledging that people are not very good and don’t have much hope.

That’s Limbaugh.

But who is not encouraging people? What’s still the most influential medium out there despite declining ratings? Television. Has he ever watched Maury or Jerry Springer? Any of the bubbleheaded late-night celebrity talkfests?

That’s all the free market he worships.

If people can make a buck off other people by letting them think it’s OK for them to be pigs, then they will. That’s “class warfare” right there. “Keep being stupid, because you keep making us rich.”

He does the very same thing by never acknowledging any of the truths of life. He spews cant based on hypocrisy that allows the very villains who bleed us to carry on with what they do.

Look in the mirror. You are the problem too.

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