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New Archos Tablets Listed At J&R

All Archos listings at J&R

What’s weird is that they have the Archos 80 Platinum with an MSRP of $229, “discounted” to $199. Huh?

All of the listings are MSRPed at $20-$30 higher than the prices Archos stated at CES. What’s that about?

It will be interesting to see what the Galaxy Note 8.0 is priced at next month. I have a gut feeling Samsung is going to match the $329 base price of the iPad Mini with its own 16GB model. We’ll see.

It looks like Archos will not be at Mobile World Congress next month, but will be at CeBIT in March. Given how close together these shows are, that makes sense.

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Movie: Skyfall


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Samsung’s Retro Refrigerator Style

[Exclu] Nouvelles photos de la Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


Multi-windowing! It looks good. But paging through a 1955 issue of Life magazine last night, I uncovered why I hate this new design trend towards curved edges:


They remind me of old refrigerator designs. I hated those.


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Kickstarter 1770-Style

Once upon a time, an author had to directly solicit pre-sales for his own book. Those who bought in were subscribing to the book.


From the 1770 book, Antiquity [Google Books link], we see how this worked out in the finished product.

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