Movie: Skyfall




A very strange Bond outing.



No tablets. One scene with a smartphone that might as well have been a dumbphone that could do SMS. This despite the cyberwar theme.


That’s Albert Finney. I almost didn’t recognize him despite his being listed in the credits!


The over-the-top stunts really do get boring because they’ve become just unbelievable. I don’t think that matters to most people, judging from the amount of money it made. In fact, they probably went to it for that — as well as the compelling relationship between M and Bond.

The villains have become rather cheap. While the real world gets repeatedly raped by financiers, Bond is hunting down a rogue agent with an Oedipus complex. It just feels all wrong.



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2 responses to “Movie: Skyfall

  1. Sometimes you scare me. The lack of mobile devices and having missed Albert Finney until the credits were two things that struck me about this movie too. That and the chronology disconnect.

    I also remember thinking this film reminded me of The Bourne Identity (without the intrigue). For example the water, the being dead, the living by the sea, the not playing by the rules, the out-smarting, the water. Especially the water.

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