Samsung’s Retro Refrigerator Style

[Exclu] Nouvelles photos de la Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0


Multi-windowing! It looks good. But paging through a 1955 issue of Life magazine last night, I uncovered why I hate this new design trend towards curved edges:


They remind me of old refrigerator designs. I hated those.



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4 responses to “Samsung’s Retro Refrigerator Style

  1. e k

    Unfortunately when your holding a device with sharp edges it actually hurts your hand. So for practical reasons curved edges are superior.

    • mikecane

      Really? That’s news to everyone who has been holding handheld devices with straight edges since the 1990s. Including news to me.

      • iamjlj

        Some people haven’t been holding said devices since the 1990’s and haven’t developed the calluses from years of sharp-edged device holding. I think this may be interesting from a evolutionary standpoint, when in the future the earth is populated either by the sharp edged device users or the rounded edged device users- we will have to see what group manufacturers allow to survive.

      • mikecane

        >>>developed the calluses

        Say what?

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