Samsung Kills The Seven-Inch Tablet Category It Created

If you’ve forgotten, they pioneered that size with the original Galaxy Tab.


SamMobile confirmed: Tab 3 7.0” dropped, new tablets upcoming

Samsung is going to drop the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and Samsung may bring the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, but this depends on the sales of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet.

If I was Samsung, I’d go all-in with the S-Pen. The multi-windowing feature it offers is, so far, unique and makes it stand out from all other tablets. And given how many styli are selling to iOS tablet users, Samsung is on the right track despite all of the ridicule. (Given a choice between an iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II, I’d go for the Note.)

What Samsung absolutely cannot screw up with the Note 8.0 tablet is its price. They need to match the iPad Mini or even be aggressive and undercut it and have the courage to make up the initial per-unit thin margins with volume (component prices drop with greater volume and over time — the trick Apple has used very well so far, with supplies from Samsung!).

While it’s true Google could knife Samsung by including its own multi-windowing APIs in Android, it’d still be a victory for Samsung and they wouldn’t lose a thing except their software investment. Their customers would be very happy to get a ROM update with official Google APIs and carry on using their Samsung — not Google Nexus — devices.


Goodbye, seven-inch. It’s time to move on.

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2 responses to “Samsung Kills The Seven-Inch Tablet Category It Created

  1. booger

    “Dropped” as in discontinued, all the while Lilliputing it as coming to the market? I am confused.

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