The Dendritic Distraction Of Google Books

I started to read an issue of Success Magazine from 1907 and hit part two(!) (note Google Books does not offer the issue that has part one) of an autobiographical series by someone named Josiah Flynt.

I never heard of him and I wanted to know if he was for real, a pen name, a fraud, or someone lost in history’s shuffle, before reading further. So from the PDF viewer I was off to the browser, where I hit Wikipedia.

Which then led me back to Google Books to grab all of his books before the parasites steal them.

After that, I peeked at Google’s search results and was led to this.

And that led me to this. Which then spawned my own post.

And after paging through all of his blog, I decided to email him this.

And then I decided to do this post, which is something I’d been meaning to do. But I could do it right now because all of that dendritic distraction was still in effect.


1) It’s sometimes impossible to simply read something from Google Books

2) This is why I want — why I need! — a tablet that can do multi-windowing!

I was in Success Magazine for maybe all of four minutes. I have been outside of it on the Net for close to an hour now. This is why I’m not getting more read.

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