Galaxy Note 10.1 Can Multi-Window All Apps Now

When the Galaxy Note 10.1 was finally available, it got scragged in just about every review. The heart of the beatings were about the limited functionality of its key multi-windowing feature. It was basically limited to apps from Samsung.

It seems that hackers have taken that limitation and thrown it away with a new custom ROM that allows all apps to use multi-windowing. Drool over the video:

Notice how it can now do split-screen better than Windows 8! There’s no fixed pane resize, it’s entirely up to the user. That’s how Windows 8 should have worked all along.

From being a tablet I never would have considered before, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is now back in my decision tree. This also gives me a lot of hope for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0. Hackers could likely modify this ROM to work on that and make it crazy useful.


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