Galaxy Note 8.0 Pricing Puzzle

Several reports today about the leaked alleged price of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0. I cut to the chase and went to the main source, which turned out to be Staples(!) in Germany.

Here is that listing:


It turns out that tablet pricing is pretty much the same in Euros as it is on U.S. Dollars at that site. This would put the Galaxy Note 8.0 at a puzzling $391.

But wait, look at this:


Huh? How does a tablet with a larger screen and 3G built-in get a price far below that of the Galaxy Note 8.0?

Really, $391 for the Galaxy Note 8.0 puts it against the iPad 2:


But wait! It gets even worse. The Galaxy Note 8.0 listing above is for a 16GB model. This is the alleged price for 32GBs:


I don’t see how these leaked prices for the 8.0 make any damn sense, even if these are incomplete listings that are actually for built-in 3G.

If these are the actual prices, then Samsung is going to fail. This is an eight-inch tablet. It’s going to be compared to the iPad Mini, yet come with full-iPad-like pricing. That’s just insane. Samsung should be trying to woo potential iPad Mini buyers — and those who want an upgrade of their Nexus 7 — not repel them.

This site is correct:

If that turns out to be the case, the Note 8.0 will be one costly device for what it’s going to be. Not that we doubt in the excellent features that Samsung is going to pack inside the plastic casing, but come on — it’s just an 8-inch tablet!

I was really looking forward to multi-windowing on an eight-inch tablet.

But that price is No Sale.


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